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What is the Metaverse



What is the Metaverse

There is a saying that literature mirrors society but we have come to see and that science fiction often predicts society and has become a way for people to unveil the creativity and ideas within their minds.

Science fiction has found a way to help man comprehend the vast possibilities in our world, and the Metaverse is one of the innovations which several sci-fi materials have helped to unburden.

The Metaverse is a product of multiple innovations and technologies. The metaverse is the product of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, the Internet and other technologies.

While our world today is made up of 3-Dimensional objects, the internet operates differently and we have been able to interact with 2-dimensional objects.

The current stage of the internet has now allowed people to interact with each other and objects however there are limitations.

The Metaverse through the use of VR and AR allows for a more complex, intense and immersive experience that enables people to submerge themselves or dive into a virtual reality where they can manipulate digital matter and create objects.

With several companies working to become part of this expanding innovative digital world, the use cases of the Metaverse span a wide range of activities and this include but not limited to shopping, gaming, therapy etc.

Enter Blockchain – GameFi

With the advancement in the world of blockchain and the birth of GameFi, the Metaverse possibilities continue to show even greater promise.

The Metaverse allows people to manipulate digital matter to build objects or properties but as in the internet we know today, attributing ownership is difficult.

Through the use of non-fungible tokens NFTs, Metaverse users will be able to hold ownership rights to virtual creations or properties.

The use of cryptocurrencies enables Metaverse participants to transfer value from the virtual world to real life and vice versa.

As 5G technology takes root across the globe, the concept of Metaverse through blockchain becomes even possible with deepen connectivity, social and business interaction with increased depth.

If you have seen science fiction stories where people are transported to a futuristic virtual world, that is basically what most people see in the Metaverse.

While its end state or final form of the Metaverse may seem scarce to imagine, science fiction versions could serve as a reference point.

However, we do know that the metaverse will usher an unparalleled level of social interaction.

Below are several cryptocurrency projects in the area of Metaverse.
Enjin Coin (ENJ)
Decentraland (MANA)
Sandbox (SAND)


Current Challenge of the Metaverse

With various companies working on Metaverse projects, a problem that creators will continue to work to resolve is that of interoperability.

To be able to transfer objects from one universe to another. This is like taking objects in the Decentraland game to Bloktopia and vice-versa.

Creators will have to grapple with this to give users unparalleled experience.

What do you think will be the future of the Metaverse in the next few years? Share your comments below.

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