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Sony’s “Tiki Guy” NFT Launches on their Spacial Reality Display 




Sony is set to launch its 3D-inspired “Tiki Guy” NFT on its Spatial Reality Display (SRD). The entertainment giant is one of the most prominent global brands that joined the Web3 and metaverse economy with some advancements made including the unveiling of its new VR headset in February this year.

The NFT move is happening barely one month after a Theta Labs collaboration was done to launch 3D NFTs on the same platform.

The Spatial Reality Display (SRD) is a device that “reproduces spatial images in three dimensions as if they were real and can be viewed by the naked eye without special glasses or headset,” the website described.

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The Tiki Guy NFT

First, it’s important to note that these assets will be available for minting on June 17, 2022. There will be only 510 Tiki Guy NFTs in total meaning that early minters will get them first.

The original purpose was to make them as scary as possible to frighten away ‘Evil Spirits’,” explained the Designer of the project that can be purchased for $100.

“They would be bestowed with ‘Mana’ which is the spiritual energy of power and strength. Back in the 50s and 60s in the US, Polynesian culture entered into pop culture with ‘Tiki Bars’ and other types of art. Today it is still a fun and kitschy art form in the US.”

For collectors who don’t have the SRD, they can get the Tiki Guy Pack which includes the Tiki Guy NFT and the Sony Spatial Reality Display (SRD). Visit the website for more details.

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