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Earnathon Launches a New Course; you can now learn about DeFi & earn Xend Tokens



Earnathon Launches a New Course; you can now learn about DeFi & earn Xend Tokens

Global E-learning platform dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, Earnathon has launched a new course.

On this course, learners will be able to learn about Decentralized Finance DeFi, how they can access the world of DeFi and take advantage of the novel innovation.

Earnathon was designed to empower people with the knowledge and financial resources to take advantage of the global crypto revolution and be the best versions of themselves.

Launched, in February, 2021, Earnathon has grown big with user base across over hundred countries globally, exposing them to blockchain and cryptocurrency with its first course, The Evolution of Money.

The latest course on Earnathon sponsored by Xend Finance will teach people about DeFi and they will be able to earn the Xend tokens upon completing the quizzes attached to the course.

Begin learning here.


What is Xend Finance?

Xend Finance is a DeFi platform built to help users save in stable currencies and earn compound interest & high yield on their savings. Xend Finance brings the tools of traditional finance to DeFi, giving people the platform to access the vast financial opportunities in the fast growing crypto industry. Credit Unions and Cooperatives Societies are able to tap into this growing market to generate higher returns on their savings compared to traditional finance. Go-to Xend Finance now.

On Earnathon, users will also be able to learn about DeFi and earn Xend Tokens by answering short quizzes. Sign-up today

About Earnathon

Earnathon’s learn & earn platform is empowering people with the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as the financial resources to apply the acquired knowledge.

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