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Kommunitas Launches Community Game, KOMnPLAY



Kommunitas, a community-driven crypto launchpad, has released a game, KOMnPLAY alongside SkillGaming. This was made known three days ago by the Polygon-based launchpad.

Kommunitas was launched in 2021 with Mr Robbie Jeo as CEO to help crypto projects enter the market easily. The focus and selling point was and has been community. Currently, it has over 200,000 community members with over 20,000 holders of the KOM token.

Beyond its launchpad functionalities, it grants access to marketing services, funding options, and more to upcoming projects in the crypto space.

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Kommunitas, SkillGaming, and KOMnPLAY

Before the release of KOMnPLAY, Kommunitas and SkillGaming entered into a partnership to bring gaming to the large community members of Kommunitas and others around the world.

KOMnPLAY is an online gaming community platform where gamers can play and win self-challenging games or by challenging others. In this ecosystem, Captain Kom is the main character used in the adventure where players will pass through obstacles and overcome other challenges while collecting KOM tokens. The game has Free-to-Play (XP Mode), Play-to-Earn modes (Challenge, Duel, and War), and others.

The Head of Business Development at SkillGaming, Karen Yap, believes that the collaboration between the two organizations is vital in achieving the vision they have.

“Our team and communities here at SkillGaming look forward to synergizing and assisting the already huge Kommunitas community,” he said, “and providing them with all the support they need to bring their community gaming and soon metaverse vision to life”.

SkillGaming strived to be a major player in the game and metaverse development industry with an attention on Gaming as a Service (GaaS) as well as Metaverse as a Service (MaaS).

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