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Sinverse: The Sincity Metaverse; Conquer, Control, Earn, Become the Ultimate Kingpin



Sinverse is a world of virtual realities; it is the Sincity Metaverse. Sincity Metaverse was recently rebranded as Sinverse. The ecosystem is built on Blockchain technology, and powered by the Polygon network. Amongst other features of the ecosystem, Sinverse gives an immersive experience to gamers via its 3D play-to-earn game. Players defer the Sincity violence to become ultimate fighters ‘Kingpin’. The core of the Sincity game will be developed by the Vulcan Verse development team using state-of-the-art virtual reality technology.

Sincity is a multiplayer play-to-earn action thriller game. The Gameplay revolves around a fictional story that models the happenings in most cities of the world where the inscription is “survival of the fittest ”.

Players are to face the citys’ violence; play in various underworld games, build their empire using tools available in the Sinverse NFT marketplace, and rank more than other players to become the ultimate Kingpin. In the Sincity Metaverse, realistic images are designed as avatars with text and voice features for communication as well as to enhance the player’s metaverse experience.

To build empires, players in the metaverse need to buy lands. Sinverse has digital real estate where players can purchase lands, cultivate the land, develop the land and build their empire. Players who own lands can build hang-out places/venues for clubs and events.

There are four different types of land on the Sincity map. Each land type represents the form of ownership; Private Lands, Public Lands, District Lands, and Public Roads.

Private Lands: this type of land is available at the auction market and if bought by any individual belongs privately to them and they have an unconditional ownership right to the land. The individual can also sell the land at the auction market.

Public Lands: this land exists for community gatherings and meetups. It is open for public usage.

District Lands: they are group-owned lands. Individuals with the same goal or interest can come together to purchase land as a group, the land could be resold at a later time at the auction market or used for construction purposes.

Public Roads: just like public lands they are open to the general public. But serve mainly pedestrian purposes and routes for vehicles in Sincity. Open to non-land holders and for shops/casino citing.

The different types of land are all part of the initial 15,000 parcels of land in the Sinverse underdeveloped digital real estate. Purchase of land is open to anyone in the metaverse to resale or develop using the in-game SDK tool available in the development arena.

When a player acquires land from the available 15,000 parcels of land divided into 17 districts, the player enrolls into the districts’ faction where their land is located, to protect the purchased land and their assets.

Sincity is a neutral place, no permanent enemy or friend, survival is for the dogged. To stay alive, and up the rank to ultimate Kingpin, players eliminate members of other factions or join hands with their faction to launch attacks on other factions.

Members of a faction are committed and loyal to their faction, players join a faction according to their best-suited strategy; either Yakuza or Mafia faction.

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Aside from reaching the Kingpin position, gaining access to the armory is another achievement. The armory is the Sinverse weapon vault. $SIN token and acquired NFTs are the major rewards for players.

Sinverse will invest and partner with other game projects to bring their games to the Sincity metaverse. This will give these projects a base platform to host their games, enhance marketing, provide a ground for community interaction, and in turn give players in Sinverse a large technology choice, and increase the platforms’ user volume.

This is captured in the SinCity Foundation program where onboarded projects host their games on some of the lands in the metaverse. The revenue from this will go into a buyback and burn mechanism for the $SIN token which is a form of reinvestment of revenue from the initial investment.

$SIN is the Sinverse token and has a total of 1,000,000,000 minted SIN. Players earn rewards in $SIN when they participate and win in-game underworld tasks, stake rewards to earn more $SIN. Staking rewards, game development, marketing, and Sincity foundation have the highest allocation of the token supply.

The token is used in the purchase of lands from the Sinverse digital real estate and playing casino games. The project is community-driven therefore will be run by a DAO, active users and $SIN token holders can participate in running the ecosystem.

With the strategic partnership of Vulcan Verse, Polygon, TDeFi, the Sincity team; Vanilla Network is powering up the ladders of their growth plan and currently on the Metaverse Beta testing, which is the project for the 1st quarter of 2022.

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