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How to Play PEGAXY; the Gameplay, Bloodline & Governance Token



Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) is a horse racing Player Versus Player (PVP) to Earn Game built on Polygon Layers-2  Ethereum blockchain to settle the needs of the decentralized game developers.

It uses the dual token economic model to support zero-cost player onboarding and to provide token earning opportunities to anyone around the world.

Pegaxy game was founded and is being developed by the team at Zambina. Since early 2021, Zambina has on-boarded over 25 full-time staff in areas such as game development and engineering, blockchain development, art, customer support, nd more.

The Pegaxy Gameplay

Before you start a game, there are always instructions laid out to follow. Same instruction is applied with pegaxy. Once you have followed the process, you will be instantly pushed into a lobby according to your Pega’s “Class”. Once your lobby is full, a countdown of 60 seconds will begin. 

Before moving forward, it should be noted that all races are free to enter, and no fee is required to race. The minimum requirement to participate in a race is one Pega( flying horse).Fit Gear to your Pega (if you own any), and adapt your Pega to the race conditions.

The result of the race is primarily determined by Random Number Generator (RNG), giving you a fair opportunity to place in the top 3.

Pegaxy is working to bring in as many player-controlled factors into Pegaxy so as to allow for higher skilled players to have a better chance of top 3 placement.  An update will be released for this a few months after the game release.

Pega’s alignment with track attributes (Earth, Water, Lightning, Speed etc).

Pegaxy’s  work is in process as it is still developing some of the race features like;

  • 3D racing.
  • Players controlled racing.
  • Attack and defence tools (tentative, depending on communities feeling towards the idea).
  • Reduction of RNG model, more dependence on player skill.

When a race is complete, you have the free will  to view all Pega that competed, and when clicked you can view that Pega’s race history, bloodline and more.

You are also able to view the race replay and send a link of the replay to someone else.

The race rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd are also visible to every player.

You will be able to report any suspicious activity seen in your race or in a Pega’s history on this page which will be submitted to our team for review.

You will be able to instantly enter your next race from this page, to save you time.

Dash Tournament

Grand Dash tournament is a kind of  daily competition amongst racers. The Metaverse wants to know the best racers thereby holding this event every month, and at the end of the 11th month, a grand tournament is held in the 12th month. The selection is made by picking the top 12 racers with the highest statistics in each class of each month.

Each month, 60 players across 5 classes qualify for the grand final, with 132 total racers qualifying for the Grand Final of each class (660 players all classes combined). The Grand Final is the single largest day of racing in the Pegaxy Metaverse. It should be noted that Once you qualify for the Grand Dash, you do not need to qualify again. Also, if you are qualified and finish in the top 12 the next month, the player in 13th will fill the position.

Rewards For Monthly Qualifiers

A little reward in $PGX will be gifted to the top 12 of each class that qualify for the Grand Dash in December.

The Grand Dash Final

Large $PGX rewards are allocated initially from the Ecosystem Fund, however eventually these rewards will come from the Community Treasury. 

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Pegaxy envisions becoming a home for the Pegasus by providing a Greek mythology-focused storyline. For that, it offers users a much more enticing experience with the unique idea of the bloodline of the Pegasus, each bloodline representing a different rarity. 

How to Play PEGAXY; the Gameplay, Bloodline & Governance Token
How to Play PEGAXY; the Gameplay, Bloodline & Governance Token

The least rare bloodline is the dominant bloodline when breeding.

  •  Hoz- is the rarest bloodline.
  • Klin- The 3rd rarest bloodline  the baby Pega is guaranteed to be born as Klin bloodline.
  • Zan-is the least rare bloodline.
  • Campona- rare bloodline, and what makes it unique is its ability to adapt and overcome all kinds of fiery situations, which symbolizes its struggle and resistance.

Governance Token (PGX)

Pegaxy Stones (PGX) are located on the Polygon Layer 2 chain, developed as the governance token of the Pegaxy Metaverse. Initially, there will be very limited ways to earn PGX through gaming .

Token Name : Pegaxy Stone

Token Symbol: PGX

Token Decimals: 18

Token Type: ERC-20

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PGX (1B)

Blockchain: Polygon (Matic) Chain

Buying and Selling

Pegaxy has its own native marketplace for buying and selling:

There are two ways of selling inside the Pegaxy marketplace, these are:

  • The Buy Now method is the typical marketplace sale. Simply list your NFT for the price you wish to sell it for, if someone is willing to pay the price you listed it for, the transaction will proceed and you will sell your NFT.
  • The second method that we have introduced is an Auction.

Auction with a reserve price. Once it hits the market, users are able to place bids on your NFT. If the reserve price is met, the Auction will continue until the timer ends. If the reserve price is not met, the auction will be considered void.


The Pegaxy marketplace has a 3% seller fee on every transaction. This fee is the same no matter which currency you use to sell your Pega, Food, Gear or Stadium. As mentioned in the Governance Token. 

The fees within the ecosystem of Pegaxy for the first year will go towards the game studio to assist in the costs of development, large scale partnerships, recruiting senior experts and building an extremely strong foundation.

This system allows the game studio to move forward and increase the speed of the game’s development, which also speeds up the inevitable decentralisation of the game.”

Once the community treasury is active, these marketplace fees will then be directed to the community treasury for the use of staking rewards, tournament rewards and ecosystem development.

Please note: Pegaxy will not be a decentralized game on release. This process will take many years of game development and community growth.

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