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DEFI HORSE – The Metaverse For Horse Racing 



DEFI HORSE - The Metaverse For Horse Racing 

DeFiHorse is a metaverse E-sports game based on Blockchain technology and NFTs, enabling users to earn tokens by battling for their horse and contributing to the ecosystem.

As the use of cryptocurrency grows yearly, businesses all around the world are developing and incorporating this technology into their operations.

The DefiHorse objective is to develop a world in which people may play, share, trade, and breed their own horses without relying on centralized authority.

Also, to entirely disclose the Defihorse so that gamers may enjoy safe copyright ownership while earning NFT.

On the other hand, the market size of NFTs is still small, the technology used in NFTs is expected to bring about new changes to not only the collectibles industry but also the blockchain world.

This created a nudge in the mind of the project team and decided to come up with the unique idea to combine two major trends at the moment: NFTs and video games.

This combination has created something truly fascinating.

Why DeFi Horse?

  • Horseverse

Players can own their own racing course to invite friends or other players on metaverse to join in the game.

Defi Horse will dive into the deep digital world of the metaverse. At the later stage, it will be integrated with the metaverse gaming platforms like Decentraland.

  • There will be periodical drops in the DefiHorse platform where participants can acquire assets such as horses and racecourses.
    There would also be  charges fee on all platform transactions for  NFT horse sales, racing, breeding, and so on
  • All unraced racehorses start off as Faunus racehorses and each unraced racehorse will be assigned a basic rating based on its Genotype.
  • DeFiHorse has the attribute of streaming the games while playing to a live audience online. The predicting race is more thrilling than ever.
  • Besides the horse, players can buy various NFTs by surfing the NFTs Shop; owning a hippodrome, find accessories to decorate their horses.


DeFiHorse is a Binance Smart Chain-based (BSC) digital horse racing platform. All the in-game assets are represented in selected currency certified by the game platform.

In DeFiHorse, the owner needs to exchange the currency into DeFi (DFH) tokens to completely control the NFT assets. 

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What is the Metaverse?


There are four bloodlines Defi Horse Gameplay

  1. Chaos: also known as the ancestor of horses, born from the big bang. Possessing a body made of constellations, the hair color is shiny like the Lights.
    Every step of Chaos creates a new galaxy. It is the rarest horse bloodline in DeFiHorse (Race of Ragnarok). The rate of raising this bloodline is counted in parts per million.
    Children of Chaos also inherit many advantages from father and mother and their value is high.
  1. Titan: During the creation of the earth, the gods created the Titan Horse. The body is composed of elements in nature, the coat color represents each element.
    The sky, mountains, and rivers were formed wherever Titan went.  Titan is the most sought-after by many collectors because of its moderate peculiarity, higher raising rate, and good market liquidity.
  1. Poseidon: After the world was formed, the Titan horses chose to stay on earth and breed with each other to create the Poseidon breed. Each individual in the Poseidon breed has different characteristics and is dominant in a certain area. Some have the power of thunder, some control the ocean. Poseidon creates interest for collectors because of the variety of colors as well as the characteristics of each horse.
  1. Heroic: It is the most popular on earth, often brought into battle by heroes. Heroic is a carefully selected horse breed for appearance, muscle as well as health.
    A good horse will bring many advantages to its owner on the battlefield. Heroic horses are highly liquid, easy to trade, and crossbreed. 

Each bloodline has unique characteristics that influence how a racehorse’s ability is calculated throughout the minting process.

In Defi Horse, male and female horses are available, each with one of two characteristics: having offspring or not having progeny.

  • A colt is a male horse that has not yet given birth to any children
  • A Filly is a female horse that has not yet given birth to any offspring.
  • A Mare is a female horse that has given birth to children
  • A Stallion is a male horse that has given birth to progeny.


The Horseverse allows racers to own horses, organize horse races, breed horses, grow stud farms, own lands, or trade other assets to earn the most benefit possible. The race stages are:

  • Horse racing 
  • Horse Breeding
  • Grow stud farm
  • Land Owning

DeFiHorse is a Binance Smart Chain-based (BSC) digital horse racing platform. All the in-game assets are represented in selected currency certified by the game platform.

In DeFiHorse, the owner needs to exchange the currency into  DeFi (DFH) tokens to completely control the NFT assets.


NFTs can be purchased and traded both in-game and on any NFT marketplace. The owner has full control over their NFT horses and DefiHorse Tokens, which are stored in a separate wallet.

In both cases, the payer can choose between randomly generated horses and race-bred horses. The horses could be sold at a set price or at auction.


A fungible token is one that may be exchanged for other tokens of the same type so that one DFH token has the same value and properties as any other single DFH token. 

$DFH is the horse racing games’ main utility token and in-game currency. DFH is being used as a cross-title utility and is driving the Play-to-Earn model.

DeFiHorse provides the first reference for how DFH can be used in the ecosystem, with each additional supporting title adding value and utility to the broader DFH ecosystem and the token itself.

  • $DFH will be used as a means to purchase exclusive racehorse NFTs, racecourses. The number of NFTs made available for purchase will be equal to the amount of $DFH in circulation.
  • Owners of racehorse NFTs can “stake” them to earn DFH, the amount of which is determined by the rarity and value of the NFT and the length of the staking period. Players can also stake DFH itself, and in return receive additional DFH returns as well as NFTs.
  • A portion of the gameplay fees collected in each race will be used as player rewards, to be granted to participating players based on their race performance. A portion of the gameplay fee will also be paid as dividends to the track’s owners

DeFiHorse may have an opportunity to become representative and receive lots of privileges in the horse-verse.

It’s a metaverse world. There is no boundary for the gamer to explore and revolve the style to play, to earn, to breed, the connection with the other platforms. Explore the most possibilities of creativity as you can. 


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