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PEGAXY; The Top Polygon based Player Versus Player Horse Racing Game 





Horse riding has been one  the most exciting- fun games to play. Having to play the horse game in the virtual world makes it more exciting as you earn alongside while playing the game you love.

Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) is horse racing Player Versus Player (PVP) to Earn Game built on Polygon Layers-2  Ethereum blockchain to settle the needs of the decentralized game developers.

It uses the dual token economic model to support zero cost player onboarding and to provide token earning opportunities to anyone around the world.

Pegaxy game was founded and is being developed by the team at Zambina. Since early 2021, Zambina has on-boarded over 25 full time staff in areas such as game development and engineering, blockchain development, art, customer support and more.

Pegaxy is one of the PvP play-to-earn style horse racing games where players compete for top 3 placement against 11 other racers.It successfully released the Beta (2D version) of Pegaxy on November 15, 2021. 

This release included the game’s Minimum Viable Product(MVP); racing, breeding, marketplace, assets, and renting.

Each race has randomised elemental variables which include wind, water, fire, speed and more. Using strategic upgrades, food and skill, players must place in the top 3 to earn the platform’s utility token; VIS (Vigorus).

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Pegaxy’s Vision

Pegaxy aims to become the home of horse racing in the Metaverse,through strategic development and community insights while simultaneously providing an ecosystem where users are able to play, socialise and work in the same space.

Elements of Pegaxy

  • The Pegaxy Metaverse is built on the Polygon/Matic Layer 2 Solution and makes use of the dual token economic model initially introduced by Axie Infinity in late 2020. 
  • The game will be released in 2D and transition to 3D once testing is complete, and compatibility with low-end android devices is confirmed.
  • Mobile gameplay is the primary focus of racing development.Enabling large scale scholarship programs and guild growth through the in-game economic model is at the forefront of importance.
  • The governance token is PGX (Pegaxy Stone) and, as mentioned, the utility token is VIS (Vigorus
  • Pegaxy game direction and development will be dictated by the players.

How To Earn PGX Tokens

Owners and investors of carn earn PGX by:

  • Racing their Pega in PVP mode.
  • Renting out their Pega in the rental marketplace for a fixed period of time to earn a share of the racing profit.
  • Selling high performing or newly born Pega on the Marketplace.
  • Collectingg rare Founding and Crowned Pega and reselling through marketplace price speculation.
  • Competing in Pegaxy’s ” Grand Dash” competition.

This competition takes place over 12 months, concluding in December, in which the top 12 racers of every class compete in a series of events until the top 15 racers are identified at the Grand final in December (top 3 of each class). The top 15 racers will receive generous PGX rewards.

  • On release in late 2022, players will be able to stake their PGX tokens inside the community treasury for rewards.

Race Development

Pegaxy will  migrate away from being an auto-racer to a more manual skill-based game. People will be required to manually control their Pega during a race, this is an  opportunity for skilled players to  perform better  in game. These updates will come about in the months following release.

The features of this development include;

  • 3D racing.
  • Players controlled racing.
  • Attack and defence tools 
  • Reduction of RNG model, more dependence on player skill.

Pegaxy is currently working on its game content and perfecting the economy of the system; hence, proper supervision is needed to ensure correct evaluation to develop perfect gameplay for the future.

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