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Top Blockchain Metaverse Launchpads



One major innovative and revolutionary wave that is fast spreading across the world is the Metaverse.

Most recently, certain big players in the tech industry indicated interest in setting up their versions of the metaverse, similar to existing VR platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox. 

In this article, we have identified top blockchain launchpads where upcoming metaverse projects project (no pun intended) themselves to a larger audience by organizing token raises amongst other engaging activities.


This decentralized multichain launchpad is dedicated to bootstrapping upcoming projects across the metaverse ecosystem.

Vlaunch is an A-list launchpad because of the investors and partners backing it. The metaverse-focused launchpad is the idea of two leading blockchain influencers, namely MMCrypto (Christopher Jaszczyski)

and CryptoMo.

These influencers have helped pivot blockchain solutions in the past. Their track record points to the potential success of the launchpad. 

Vlaunch is backed by investors such as Metavest Capital, a metaverse and NFT gaming-focused consultancy and capital firm that initially invested in NFT and gaming projects currently gaining traction.

Some include the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Splinterlands, Nakamoto games, Star Atlas. Other investors include Altcoin Daily, Crypto Lark, The Moon Carl and early Bitcoin adapter Davincij15. 

The Vlaunch launchpad has an ecosystem token VPAD which has only attained pre-launch listing on CoinGecko. The VPAD token will be used to raise funds for upcoming projects. 

The first game that will set sail on the Vlaunch launchpad is TryHards— an NFT-based blockchain game built on Polygon (MATIC). Vlaunch supports upcoming projects on other chains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and FTM. 


The Metapad launchpad is another decentralized platform that facilitates the fundraising and launch of metaverse gaming projects.

Metapad helps projects with activities like token distribution, NFT integration and other developments. 

Metapad also helps traditional games to transition to blockchain games and introduce the primitives of the metaverse ecosystem into their infrastructure.

Other services that Metapad offers to upcoming projects include contract audits. No project has been released on the launchpad yet as of the time of writing.

Metapad will also introduce a native and governance token (MPD) for the launchpad’s ecosystem.


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Metavpad is committed to building the metaverse one block at a time by bootstrapping metaverse-focused projects.

It aims to provide a level playing ground for users to access the future of the metaverse.

MetaVpad believes the metaverse is the next generation of the Internet and plans to position itself as a springboard upon which upcoming metaverse projects can launch while giving early access to its community. |

Metavpad is the first deflationary metaverse launchpad due to the burning mechanism enabled for its native token $METAV.

The token will play a core role in the Metavpad ecosystem, assisting with activities like decentralized governance. 

Additionally, Metavpad aims to help upcoming projects integrate and merge the primitives of the metaverse— decentralized governance, non-fungible assets, digital identity, virtual/augmented reality and interoperability.

The team behind Metavpad also created launchpads on other chains for general blockchain projects— BSCPad and TronPad


StarLaunch is dedicated to bootstrapping upcoming projects on layer-1 and scalable blockchain Solana.

The Solana-based launchpad connects novel projects to its community of backers and gives the StarLaunch community early and protected access to these projects.

The protected access refers to the insurance program StarLaunch introduces to protect investors and their funds from failed projects. This makes StarLaunch the first insured IDO launchpad for Solana.

While StarLaunch does its part to ensure that projects which apply for listing on its launchpad are vetted, there are unforeseeable factors that may contribute to a project’s failure, some of which include a DeFi exploit, vaporware or even default on the team’s part. 

Weighing these factors, StarLaunch integrates a two-token model with an overall aim of protecting investors who are likely to be the most affected in the scheme of things.

To participate in an IDO, investors are required to stake a primary token $STARS in a fusion vault, for which they earn a second token known as Hydrazine ($N2H4) spanning the duration of the IDO. 

In the event of a project’s failure, StarLaunch activates its insurance program to protect investors for an extra duration of three months, during which it makes a refund of their original allocation amount. StarLaunch’s Insurance program attracts no extra costs from investors.

A similar insurance program is available to investors on Cardstarter— a sister launchpad built, however for Cardano-based projects.


As Metavpad noted, the metaverse is the next generation of the Internet that will provide a new narrative to the way people express themselves in terms of ownership of items.

This narrative has already begun, given the reports of record-setting sales of pieces of land and other NFTs on metaverse platforms— Decentraland and The Sandbox. 

While big players are striving to key into this next technological frontier, it is necessary to identify and unite the primitives that will contribute to the growth and adoption of this innovation. 


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