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Earnathon & Xend Finance has Partnered to Bring the Knowledge of DeFi to Millions Across the Globe



Xend Finance has partnered with Earnathon on its blockchain and cryptocurrency education journey to bring to millions of people across the globe the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency with emphasis on the revolutionary innovation, Decentralized Finance. 

The goal of Earnathon is to spread awareness and educate one billion people by 2050 on blockchain and cryptocurrency helping them with the financial resources to apply the knowledge gained by earning while learning. With over 400k users on the Earnathon platform, the partnership will allow us to bring simple, yet highly educational contents on what Decentralized Finance is, how it works and how anyone can plug into the innovation to our vast user base.

Xend Finance is a DeFi Platform that helps you save and earn Compound Interest. Backed by Google Launchpad and Binance, Xend Finance works by allowing individuals or Cooperatives to save funds individually or as a Credit Union, which is then staked on Staking and Lending platform to compounded interest earnings on savings. 

Speaking on the partnership, Tony Emeka, CEO, Earnathon said:

“This partnership is another significant achievement. Xend Finance is doing amazing things in the DeFi space especially on how its platform is empowering people to save and earn interest as financial institutions globally are offering less and unattractive interests on savings. This partnership will allow us and the Earnathon community to learn more of the DeFi innovation and how it is shaping the world.”

Xend Finance CEO, Aronu Ugochukwu also speaking said: 

“Partnering with Earnathon will enable Xend Finance to create easy-to-understand educational content in over nine languages to enable faster adoption of DeFi in the traditional financial space. Bringing the non-crypto-savvy audience into DeFi will be infinitely easier as they learn and earn through Earnathon. We are excited to be partnering with another African project as we strengthen and grow the African blockchain ecosystem.”

About Xend Finance 

Xend Finance provides the tools and platform for a decentralized financial credit union, regardless of geographic location and home country currency. Members can earn multiple levels of interests on their savings by seamlessly exchanging their crypto or fiat currency to stable cryptocurrencies and staking – the process of locking up crypto assets to earn yields – on lending platforms so members can earn compound interest on their money. The Xend Finance platform is the first decentralized finance (DeFi) credit union in the world.

About Earnathon

Earnathon is a learn and earn platform empowering people with the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as the financial resources to apply the acquired knowledge.

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