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SiBAN 2020 Elections: The Leadership the Industry Needs




SiBAN 2020 elections, what will be the fate of the self-regulating body and the industry in 2021.

The cryptocurrency community in Nigeria has been growing over the years at such an unprecedented rate. Today, there are millions of Nigerians that have heard or own cryptocurrency.

As the awareness in cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology – blockchain grows, there arose a need to have an organized structure that transcends minute communities and unite them in a common goal.

A common platform where players of various stages or levels can come and be a community.  SiBAN arose as an organization that could be home to this community.

SiBAN which stands for Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria as a body has over the few years grown to be home to various individuals and corporate entities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space in Nigeria. It has made some contributions in the local industry through its leadership. 

One of its recent achievements was its effort in helping a cryptocurrency trader who was involved in a criminal case. It also recently made contributions to the National Blockchain Adoption Strategy document which was organized by the NITDA.

The leadership of SiBAN has been led by its two time chairman Mr. Paul Ezeafulukwe. Mr. Paul became the chairman for the second time when the first SiBAN election was conducted and won unopposed. 

The 2020 SiBAN Election and who is needed to lead the organization forward

The SiBAN leadership is expected to have two years tenure and in a fast running industry such as the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, one year is like several years in other industries. This is why it’s imperative to have a Leader lead the entire leadership of the organization forward.

As an organization that defined as a self-regulating body, it requires a leader that is not defined by emotions, that is not defined by the power and the influence of money. SiBAN requires a leader that is selfless, that understands the history and organizational culture of the body, the position of the industry, the direction of tomorrow.

The local blockchain and cryptocurrency industry requires a SiBAN leader or leadership that can interface with regulators; which can withstand the blows that may come from the day to day activities of the organization.

SiBAN requires a leader that is not partial. A leader that cannot be compromised. A leader that is honest, bold and objective. A ‘leader’ that can lead.

The 2021 crypto industry from sentiments across the crypto communities promises to be one that will require the SiBAN community to be even more engaging. As a self-regulating body, SiBAN needs to be up and doing, even more. SiBAN needs to meet up with the in-house demands so as to be able to meet up with the nation-wide demands.

SiBAN requires a leader that is empathetic yet decisive. A leader that is flexible yet resolute.. A leader that can carry the entire community with its multiple sub-communities effortlessly.

SiBAN and the entire Nigerian cryptocurrency community requires individuals with such qualities. I hope such a leader emerges from this election.

What do you think? Please share your comments below.

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