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Sportzchain: Earn rewards as Sport Fans




Sportzchain is an engage-to-earn platform that is geared at making sports fans the mitochondria of the sporting ecosystem and at the same time rewards users for their engagement. This is to change the traditional mode of engagement where fans engage with their sporting community without getting rewarded. Sportzchain enables fans and users to monetize their everyday engagement with their favourite sports and teams which is absent in traditional sporting apps.

As an engage-to-earn platform, Sportzchain revolves around five core areas. These are Fan tokens, Phygital NFTs, Watch-2-Earn, Play-2-Earn, and Fan Commerce.

Fan Tokens

Sportzchain is exploring the world of Asian sports. To do this, sportzchain will launch fan tokens for different sports teams. These fan tokens will monetize fans’ engagement and bridge the existing communication gap between the online community of fans and the team. These fan tokens allow fans to engage in some of the team’s decision-making processes and enjoy the team’s economic benefits. These fan tokens can be gotten through the app’s $SPN native token.

Phygital NFTs

Phygital NFTs are a combination of both physical and digital elements. On Sportzchain these Phygital NFTs come in the form of matchday memorabilia. The autographed jersey of a player can be sold physically and its digital version minted as an NFT. This is a Phygital NFT since it is backed by a real-life collectible.


This is another tool utilized by sportzchain.  Sportzchain is set to change the game streaming world by introducing Watch-2-Earn to sports fans. Through this, players watch games and also earn while watching these games. Also, rewards can be earned through the participation of users in the live contest as they are streaming a particular game.


The play-to-earn model is unarguably the most common form of “engage-to-earn” in the metaverse.  Sportzchain also houses various play-to-earn games. These games will provide fans and users with an alternative and interesting form of engagement such that even when they are not streaming a match they can still earn from playing games.

Fan Commerce

For an app’s token to succeed, its value and utility must transcend the digital boundaries of the app.  On Sportzchain, fans can redeem their $SPN tokens in exchange for sports merchandise at a discounted price. $SPN also gives fans exclusive tickets to games and subscriptions to the streaming platform.


In influencing decisions through sportzchain, the polls and opinions of fans and users are segmented into two. Binding polls and non-binding polls.

Examples of issues in which their opinions are binding are Choosing team jersey design and colour, selecting the colour of the captain’s armband, the theme song for both entry and exit, and selecting fans to announce team line-ups. These are not crucial and delicate decisions and the opinion and vote of the fans can be considered.

For crucial and delicate decisions and topics, votes and opinions of fans are allowed but are most times not considered as the decision is a crucial one and the decision lies in the hands of the governing board. Examples of these are opinions on the playing squad, opinions on the transfer of players, match locations and even who should be nominated/win the player of the season award.

Sportzchain offers sports team partners different benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  •   A new revenue stream to monetize their fan base through the issuance of branded Sports Tokens
  •  An engagement platform for the team to connect with the invested fan base and increase their global fandom. 
  • Access to a global marketplace where they can sell exclusive merchandise and NFTs to their global fan-base
  • Opportunity to onboard more fans from existing traditional non-rewarding social media rewarding sports platform

And for fans and users of Sportzchain, some of what they stand to enjoy are:

  • Participation in different Games where they can win free $SPN tokens or other fan tokens.
  •  Access to VIP privileges, fan experience zones, and various discounts on merchandise and game tickets
  • Opportunity to influence team’s decision through binding and non-binding polls
  •   First and exclusive access to exclusive content as provided by the teams or Sportzchain on the platform.

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Apart from other fan tokens that Sportzchain facilitates, it has its native token $SPN token.  $SPN has a total supply of 10 billion tokens of which 20% is for treasury & expansion, 17% for marketing and partnerships, 10% for community rewards and benefits, 10% for platform and liquidity, 5% for advisors, 19% for the founding team, 7% for public and private sale 3.35% to seed and the final 8.65% to pre-seed.


Sportzchain has partnered with firms, clubs and other investors. This serves as a criterion with which the partnerships can be divided. For club and sporting partners, Sportzchain has partnered with Tamil Thalaivas, Bengal Warriors, Gujarat Fortune Giants, Iceland Crickets and Dabang Delhi KC. In terms of investors and crypto ecosystem partnerships, some of those Sportzchain has partnered with are Polygon Studios, SUNiCON, Darq Capital, Shisan Investments and Kommunitas. 

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