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MENZY: What you should know about the AI move-to-earn platform



Menzy is a move-to-earn platform where you can passively earn just by walking, running, and participating in other real-world sports and activities.

Move-to-earn is a fast-growing concept that rewards users with cryptocurrency for engaging in physical activities. It tracks players’ movements using GameFi, NFTs, and GPS technology; this data is then recorded on a blockchain and translated into rewards, most typically in the form of crypto currency.To put it in another way, Move-to-earn is a growing trend where participants are rewarded for moving around (running, jogging, walking etc) in the real world. 

What is Menzy?

It is a distinct platform for passive income generation from bodily movement count. With the aid of a mobile device, Menzy utilizes its AI-based computer vision software to identify any ongoing bodily activity by s user on the platform and rewards them.


Why is Menzy so Important?

  •   To encourage a healthy lifestyle for crypto natives by performing activities daily like walks, practicing sports, and generally being active while keeping an eye on the market.
  •   It is a welcoming community to everybody. Anyone may sign up for Move2Earn and participate.
  •   Users on the Menzy Platform will receive rewards immediately, including MNZ tokens and much more.

Menzy seeks to promote healthy living by tracking daily step count targets on the Menzy app and rewarding users with MNZ tokens and unique digital assets for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To earn with Menzy’s move-to-earn, users will have to compete with other holders in different real-world physical sports, games, and activities.

Why is Menzy unique?

  • It uses computer vision, complete body motions and a variety of various move-to-earn activities, camera-based AI movements may be made possible.
  •   It is interactive with a desire to compete for move-to-earn characteristics.
  •   Virtual fitness centres and workouts in the Menzyverse.
  •  Passively generate income.
  • Low entry cost for using the app.


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Features of Menzy

  • Menzy Application: It is a smartphone/iOS application that tracks all of your physical activity and is connected to a blockchain so that all trainers and trainees may interact with one another in a digital fitness community while passively earning rewards. Also, by interacting with many professionals in the related activity or sport, trainees may acquire skills such as pushups, skipping, and other activities using the many apps. In other to get started on the menzy application, users are required to:
  1.       Download it from the play store/app store.
  2.       Have a meta mask wallet.
  3.       Stake $MNZ Tokens.
  • NFT Marketplace: Users can trade, lease and rent NFTs at the marketplace.
  • NFTs: Menzy NFTs, a modern graphics digital asset that holds your identity in the program and serves as a non-fungible membership, will be made available on the in-app marketplace.
  • Wallet app: Menzy’s wallet app has face biometric verification technology and is being developed to use tokens earned from Move2earn activities.
  • Menzyverse Virtual Training: A peer-to-peer virtual training consulting platform exists within Menzy’s metaverse, enabling Menzians to communicate with numerous peers and qualified fitness coaches to get training plans, virtual gym memberships, and other training-related information.
  • Menzy step (Standard): is move-to-earn’s most basic configuration which uses the Menzy smartphone app to automatically track how much you walk or run every day and deliver cryptocurrency to your wallet.
  •  Menzy step(premium): With this premium step feature, you have access to various objectives and challenges that allow you to earn far more than the minimum requirements.
  • Menzy move: Menzy Move allows you to engage in all significant activities, including sports, in front of a laptop or mobile device’s camera.
  • Compete-to-earn: A competitive real-world GameFi feature in which members of the community may play against each other in various sporting activities.


Utilities of the Menzy $MNZ Token

The native token for Menzy is “MNZ,” and it has several utilities. The token serves as the foundation for the ecosystem.

$MNZ can also be used for the following transactions:

  • Compete2Earn.
  • Menzy Premium NFTs.
  • Marketplace Trading and Transfer of Assets.
  • Menzy Step and Move.
  • Staking
  • Unlocking



Token Name: Menzy

Symbol: MNZ

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000

Token Allocation

Seed: 80,000,000

Public: 280,000,000


Advisors: 60,000,000

 Partners: 80,000,000

Move-to-Earn & Staking Rewards: 560,000,000

Eco-system & Reserve: 320,000,000

Marketing & Development: 240,000,000

Liquidity: 120,000,000


Final Thoughts

Menzy is on a mission to make exercising, walking, and running more financially rewarding and enjoyable. It aims to allow a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for individuals all over the world. 

It is arguably the first time a move-to-earn system uses an AI (Artificial intelligence) – based method rather than just Geolocation steps to account for so many diverse activities. It is creating a unique and amazing way to earn. Is the future of move-to-earn bright with the menzy app? Let’s find out. 

 What do you think of this article? Share your comments below. 


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