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How to Get NFT whitelists



Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are no doubt gaining momentum in blockchain space. Buying NFTs as soon as they are minted or revealed is one of the ways to maximize potential gains.  Traders aim to buy low and sell high, NFTs are often made available to be bought at the lowest prices upon their reveal.

This limited offer is the favorite of every potential NFT buyer and this often leads to fierce competition and gas wars. In solving this problem, project developers have devised a strategy called whitelisting. This will grant exclusive presale access to pre-approved crypto addresses.

What is NFT Whitelisting?

An NFT Whitelist is a title or tag given to people who are guaranteed early access to mint NFTs at a certain date and time. Whitelist holders have the express permission to avoid exorbitant secondary prices and hefty transaction fees for popular NFTs when buying them. The wallet of a whitelist holder will be pre-registered in the project’s database and this grants the wallet exclusive minting privileges.

How to Get Whitelisted

1. Find Projects before they are Launched

One of the certain and effective ways to get whitelisted is to join a project before it gets revealed or launched. The NFT market is always saturated with soon-to-launch projects hoping to attract new users. Some of these new NFT projects offer whitelist spots to early birds before their official public launch.

While exploring this option, it is important to tread with caution as there are a lot of risks involved in trusting a new project that is yet to prove itself. Some might turn out to be rug pulls or wallet drainers. Hence, it is important to conduct due diligence before going all in.   

2. Join the Project’s Discord server

NFT projects make use of Discord and Twitter as their primary medium of communication.. The layout of each Discord server varies but information about the whitelisting process is usually posted on the announcements channel and at times a separate channel will be created for whitelist updates.

Most servers have a general chat channel where conversations about the project or other general topics take place. This channel is a fertile ground for getting a whitelist by “grinding.” Grinding is the act of sending messages continuously on the chat channel of a server. Through this, the system monitor and mods get to notice the user and act appropriately. 

The server of an NFT project also has other important and useful information about the project. Some of the pieces of information are the project’s road map, the background of founding team members and all the latest announcements.

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3. Meet the Eligibility Requirements

Every NFT project has a whitelist requirement which is peculiar to them. For some projects, only a form has to be filled to qualify and for some projects, users have to invite a speculated number of users into the discord server. And for some, it’s through activities. The requirements are always stated on the server.

When eligibility requirements have been met and the whitelist has been awarded, the user will be asked to provide their crypto wallets address for registration  in the database. Once this is done, the user is to wait for the appointed minting day scheduled for whitelist wallets.

Whitelist chances can also be increased by making fan arts and posting them on the Fanart channel (if there’s a requirement) and participating in the game and giveaway channels.

For some projects without servers, “pre mint” links are generated by the developers for people to register for the whitelist. Certain requirements must be met before the registration process can be approved. This is majorly a game of chance as registration and fulfilment of the requirements do not guarantee a whitelist.

NFT whitelists give traders early access to the digital arts they intend to buy. The steps stated above can be used to avoid gas wars and obtain tokens at a lower total cost. Whitelist is one of the best ways to maximize one’s potential earnings in the NFT world by buying earlier than everyone else. .

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