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Merit Circle DAO launches gaming subnet on Avalanche



Beam, a gaming subnet for the Merit Circle DAO has been launched on the Avalanche network. Merit Circle DAO collaborating with Avalanche moves to build a home for games and also facilitate its DAO products. According to Merit Circle DAO, Beam will operate independently catering to gamers and game developers.

Merit Circle DAO about nine months ago, announced launching a flagship NFT marketplace Sphere, which was paused, and now launching Beam, a gaming-focused platform.

Upon launch, Beam has more than 60 partnered games, contributors, developers, tools, and investors, Merit Circle DAO said. Importantly, the DAO’s ecosystem would offer utility for the new product.

Merit Circle DAO believes that launching on Avalanche would offer minimal fees and quick settlement and a security advantage to Beam. The Avalanche network allows base fee adjustment and block time optimization for transactions in games.

Beam as a product is designed to allow game developers to deploy their games on-chain providing smart contracts, gas-optimized transactions, asset management, and oracles for web2 games and marketplaces.

For a start, only whitelisted addresses can deploy new smart contracts to the subnet. However, Merit Circle DAO has made the selection process open to token holders to propose what address Beam allows. The DAO’s token ($MC) is used as gas on the network and a requirement for validators.

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