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Nike Virtual Studio set for Our Force 1 Airdrop



The Web3 Platform Nike Virtual Studios have announced plans to airdrop a total of 106,453 NFT posters of the Our Force 1 (OF1) collection, with its SWOOSH community members as its main focus. 

The collection of NFTs is a series of four virtual posters commemorating the participation of the SWOOSH community in the ongoing OF1 challenge. The Virtual posters are said to be inspired by the original ad campaign that helped to popularize the Air Force 1 sneakers. The SWOOSH Community’s participation in the creation of the virtual posters involved voting for the different styles that are featured across these four posters.


 In appreciation to the members of the SWOOSH Community, Nike Virtual Studios will launch a random airdrop with a total of 106,453 OF1 Posters to the community. This means that 1 out of 3 community members would receive the airdrop.

The virtual posters will serve as a mint pass to the OF1 collection. This means that community members who receive the virtual poster airdrop will have access to the 0F1 First access sale, scheduled for August 5th and 6th, 2023. 

This is not the only opportunity for other community members to purchase the NFTs however, as the access sale would be open to all community members from the 10th of August 2023, on the General Access Sale. The next group to receive the airdrop are members of Nike’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and SCI (Social Community and Impact) partnership organizations. 

To be eligible for the airdrop, a user must have been fully onboarded to the SWOOSH platform and have created a SWOOSH ID as of April 12th, 2023.


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