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REALM: Grow, Loot, and Explore your Play-To-Earn in the Microverse



Ever wondered why you get bored with that profession you loved and have a passion for? Or should I ask why you are beginning to get tired of eating your favorite pasta?  I have a simple answer to the” Why”: Lack of spicing.

Sticking to the “Status Quo” is boring, sometimes, spice it up. Don’t go the usual route. Give it a new look, a new way so you can continue to enjoy what you love and won’t feel bored.

Talking about spicing things up, Realm has taken its time and resources to introduce a new way to showcase NFTs in such a way you can create unique and customizable virtual ecosystems with NFTs. A unique way to own genetically encoded living NFT pets and travel between realms through augmented reality (AR)

What is Realm?

Realm is a cross-chain metaverse, built on the Ethereum network where most of the valuable NFTs exist. It is a community-driven open-source project that supports NFT collectors and creators to express their artistic vision most purely. A project that encourages NFT collectors to create their magical virtual realm.

 It is  a virtual space powered by the Godot open source game engine, giving a creator complete control over their realm. A Realm can be minted as an ERC-1155 with an address on the Ethereum blockchain. They can be traded, securitized, and hold other ERC-721 such as sculptures and objects. As an ERC-1155, It can also hold ERC-20 tokens such as $REALM tokens.

They are accessible via a hashed reference on the blockchain, with a unique identifier indelibly linked to the digital space. A copy of the realm is stored on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) to ensure immutability.

Why Realm? Changing the Status Quo.

Realm is all about introducing a unique way to showcase NFTs. It is believed that most NFT marketplaces have a basic look-alike design of the general websites Nothing special, nothing unique.

It is believes that the design of current marketplaces does not describe how important NFT artists and their work is, thus, Realm was created.

Furthermore, It  believed that NFTs are to be shared and presented in unique and creative ways, like auctioning on the moon, in an underwater art gallery, or to auction in a space that simply contains interactive sounds.

With Realm, NFT artists have the opportunity to showcase their masterpiece’s customizable VR/AR experiences, and viewers will have the chance to see the true vision and genius of the creator in their ecosystem.

 All assets within the realm ecosystem exist as some form of non-fungible token. They can exist on several chains and be minted by players on either Layer- 2 Polygon, Ethereum, or Reef Chain.

Realm will leverage integration within OpenSea in the marketplace. By leveraging the secure, stable marketplace, and a vast amount of NFT content on OpenSea, Realm can rapidly scale its interactions with the wider NFT ecosystem

Also, OpenSea’s support of Matic (Polygon) allows for frictionless trading of non-fungible items such as NFTix and in-game assets.


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Significance of Realm

  1. Creators, galleries, and brands will have the opportunity to showcase their realms in their ecosystem and accept Realm as the central platform for blockchain-based spaces and interaction.
  2. VR (Virtual Reality) support will be featured heavily as it is expected to be a desired feature for power players and early blockchain gamers.
  3.  The Realm engine will easily provide this capability, and support through open VR will allow Oculus and Vive players to interact through the browser.
  4. By exploring realms, and interacting with various experiences created by the Realm team and community creators, rewards will be earned in the form of NFT items and currency

Realm Pets

Realm pets begin with an ultra-rare Genesis series designed by many top-tier character designers. Genesis pets are followed by other classes of pets with Genesis being the rarest. These pets can also be called NFTs.

To get players started, everyone will receive their unique pet companion upon entering the realms. These fully animated 3D companions will guide you through the Realms and grow as you explore, their tastes and smell help you discover loot and other rare pets.

NFTix: NFTix is a unique NFT collectible that provides access to a realm. Realm creators can grant NFTix holders any type of access privilege to their realm.



As creators build larger and more complex microverses the owners will be required to stake $REALM tokens to support its maintenance and utilize its features.

The $REALM token is a cross-chain token that functions as the primary utility token within the Realm metaverse.


  •  Players will spend $REALM to purchase NFTix and access other realms or purchase in-game consumables and cosmetic items.
  •    $REALM will be rewarded to players for interacting with the ecosystem including creating realms, exploring other realms, and loot box rewards.
  •    $REALM is initially an ERC-20 token and will be available on Reef Chain, Polygon Layer 2, and BSC chains, which provide low-cost transactions for players.
  •  Staking $REALM gives rewards and in-game advantages. Rewards include limited edition Layer 2 NFTs and access to exclusive realms and content.
  • HODLing $REALM tokens will allow players to exercise key voting rights on major decisions about the future direction and development of the Realm ecosystem.
  • 10% of all transactions carried out in $REALM tokens will be equally divided between the foundation and development and operations.

Realm’s decentralized platform allows players and creators to own a piece of the gaming metaverse (a realm), participate in the governance and economy ($REALM), and express their artistic visions in customizable creative environments. Realm is bridging reality. plant trees in Realm to make food & feed your pets.

As it continues to build Realm and grow its community, it will also grow sustainability initiatives. It will bring a solution that allows people to play and explore in realms, while effortlessly improving the real world. It has several initiatives and partnerships that will empower our players to do good while having fun.

 What do you think of this article? Share your comments below. 


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