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Coinbase and Apple disagree over NFT gas fees on iOS Wallets



Coinbase has recently made an announcement regarding the limitations imposed on Apple users in terms of sending and receiving NFTs through the iOS Wallet version of the platform. As per Coinbase’s statement, the release of the Coinbase iOS Wallet has been obstructed by Apple, resulting in the disabling of this particular feature.

Apple’s argument is centered around the requirement for gas fees associated with NFT transactions to be processed via their in-app purchase system, entitling Apple to claim 30% of the gas fee. This development has sparked a discussion about the implications and potential consequences of such restrictions on the NFT ecosystem and its users.

“Anyone who understands how NFTs and blockchains work knows this is clearly not possible,” Coinbase said, as Apple’s in-app purchase process does not support crypto, so Coinbase wouldn’t be able to comply even if they wanted to.

Coinbase stated that Apple had a routine practice of attempting to take a cut from fees from every email that gets sent through open internet protocols.

“The biggest impact from this policy change is on iPhone users that own NFTs,” Coinbase said in the statement, noting that Apple “just made it a lot harder for NFT holders using iPhones to send the NFTs to other wallets or send them as gifts to friends and family”.

The iOS provider, Apple, has faced additional accusations from Coinbase. The cryptocurrency exchange platform claims that Apple has implemented new policies that prioritize their profits over consumer investment in NFTs.

Coinbase considers this action by Apple to be an oversight and expresses the hope for further discussions within Coinbase’s ecosystem.

They are ready to provide assistance in resolving the matter. Apple’s decision to take this action came after the iPhone producer declined to exempt NFTs from their App Store’s 30% rule.

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