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NFTs to fund US election



Gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis has released his NFT collection to raise funds for the coming elections. 

The gubernatorial elections slated for November, 8th, 2022 have several contestants. Jared Polis who is the incumbent, and Democratic Party’s candidate posted on twitter announcing his NFT collection. 

The collection has 2022 NFTs marking the year, and will be sold for $52.80 representing the elevation of Denver in feet. 

The NFTs feature a pair of sneakers, green chili pepper, rainbow-coloured mountains and Gia, his dog firing lasers from her eyes. 

This isn’t the first time a politician will tap into NFTs for political purposes, but it’s the first time someone high up the political ladder would adopt NFTs. Democrat candidate, Shrina Kurani running for House seat in California had issued NFTs to raise funds for her elections. 

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Senate Republican candidate Blake Masters also raised campaign funds selling limited edition NFTs depicting the cover of his best selling book “Zero to One”. They both raised $6k and $575k 

The NFTs will be given out to donors who contribute to Jared’s campaign. The NFTs will grant holders an event. 

As at the time of publication, $7973 has been raised from the NFT sale to 150 Donors.

The use cases for NFTs are skyrocketing and despite the bearish sentiments in the market, it seems adoption is only headed northward. 

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