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WilderWorld: the VR Platform that Brings 3D NFTs to the Gaming World



Digital Artist, Kevin McCoy, minted the first NFT ‘Quantum’ on the Namecoin blockchain on May 3rd, 2014. Then Ethereum came into the industry around 2015 and by 2017 there were standards created for NFT tokens which made the launch of NFTs easier. Beyond the arts, CryptoKitties brought in the first use case of NFTs in games, and that sparked a new interest in nonfungibles. Decentraland, Axie, and other platforms were launched to utilize and spread the adoption of NFTs.

By 2021, the NFT market had recorded more than $17.6 billion in sales, showing a 200% increase from 2020. This surge was led by collectibles and gaming with the former taking more than $8.4 billion in sales. By 2022, NFTs were no longer 2D images minted and flipped for a few dollars. There was now a need to have 3D NFTs that can be used in VR-enabled games and metaverse. With the WilderWorld platform, the utility of NFTs will be unleashed more relative to the VR world and more freedom for creators and artists.

What is WilderWorld?

Wilder World is a decentralized immersive artist DAO and liquid NFT marketplace built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine, and the Zero protocol. In WilderWorld, there are no artist fees, and it has a unique token that rewards users of the platform.

Through Frank Wilder, WilderWorld is creating a platform that has several functionalities that will enhance ownership of 3D digital collectibles. This is set to change the gaming world bringing about a more inclusive and immersive experience for all.

How Does WilderWorld Work?

The first attribute of the Wilder World is the In-game NFTs. These are not just arts but blockchain-backed 3D utilities integrated with VR technology deployed in the game. These range from avatars to virtual lands that can be easily monetized between creators and collectors.

  • WilderWorld Liquid NFT Marketplace 

The Liquid NFT Market allows for trading of NFTs produced in the platform as well as those ported from other marketplaces. With this tool, creators as well as investors can liquidate their assets and modify the looks of their NFTs to be used in the gaming ecosystem.

  • WilderWorld Artists Guild

In the Artists Guild, creators get to connect with other creators in a social community. So anyone can collaborate with others to build and manage projects of their choice. And the platform is completely free to use.

WilderWorld allows the global community of 3D artists to come together, connect, design, mint, and drop NFTs in the Wilder World Metaverse Marketplace. The community built around this facility is huge and stakeholders can take advantage of it. NFTs created here can be used in AR/VR games built on the Wilder World platform.

WilderWorld has a lot more functions that will be coming up as they progress in their blockchain virtual world journey.

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Tokenomics of WilderWorld

Wilder World Price ($WILD) is the primary token of the WilderWorld platform. It has a max. supply of 500,000,000 WILD coins. $WILD serves as the utility as well as governance token of WilderWorld.

With the token, anyone can trade NFTs in the platform as well as be part of the decision-making body on the development of WilderWorld. This is possible when holders of $WILD stake their token. Check its live market metrics

Challenges and Road Map of WilderWorld

As WilderWorld comes into the VR and metaverse blockchain world, other projects are built with similar goals like Enjin, Illuvium, Solanart, and AlterVerse. So the competition in the space will be a factor to overcome. Then the next is being able to meet up with road map targets based on what is projected.

These are the aspects of the roadmap that has been done: Launch of the Wilder World Website, $WILD Private Sale, Smart Contract Audit, $WILD IDO Launch, Social Network Integrated, Liquid NFT Market Launch, Beta Version for Stress Test, Celebrity Mint Fact0ry Launch, Metaverse Launch with Cyber Gala, Viral AR NFT.

The ongoing processes are Onboarding of 3D Artists, Partnerships, Invoking the Wilder Spirit (Phase 1), Pioneering the Wild West (Phase 2), and Into the Wild (Phase 3). Read about this here

Team and Partners Behind WilderWorld

Dave Waslen is the CEO and co-founder of Wilder World. He’s built a huge business portfolio as an experienced executive, managing and operating private companies in the tech, blockchain, and digital industries.

Frank Wilder AKA Sculptor of the Future is a major name in the field of 3D arts. He is an artist that specializes in 3D sculpture. And these are some of the investors of WilderWorld: Maeve Ventures, Everyrealm, Animoca Brands, Zer0, SPARTAN, Signum Capital, and Digital Currency.


Wilder World is positioned in a market with vast potential. How and why? NFTs will be very relevant as the blockchain revolution continues and not just 2D arts but 3D that will combine the force of VR. With this, the development of a lot of metaverse projects will kick off too. Always remember to DYOR before investing. 


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