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Collect, Train, Battle, Earn with Heroes in the P2E WonderHero Metaverse



God of War, Monster Hunter, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Call of Duty are some of the finest games ever played by gamers all over the world. These enticing and immersive games created a community that was made of gamers who enjoyed playing, having competitions and tournaments that resonated with the users.

However, with all the time spent playing these games that involve creating avatars and game characters, there is little to no continuity of value. So once a new game is released by another brand, the value created in the previous game is not interoperable with the new one.

This scenario gave more benefits to the companies that own the games and little to no economic value to the gamers apart from seasonal winnings from tournaments.

In the case of blockchain games, the introduction of NFTs has brought a new mechanism for games and gamers alike. WonderHero is a Web3 game described as giving real value to gamers who take their time to play and create in-game utilities.

What is WonderHero?

WonderHero is a play-to-earn mobile RPG game where players collect heroes and use weapons as well as equipment to build the heroes for different battle modes in a fantasy world.

Every Hero in WonderHero possesses unique skills, and properties that make it suitable for battles, and other in-game activities. Heroes can be trained to have better skills and qualities enabling players to earn more by winning more battles. The game was released on the 26th of January, 2022.

How Does WonderHero Work?

Any player coming into the WonderHero ecosystem needs to get at least 6 WonderHero NFTs (3 Hero Skins and 3 associated Hero weapons) to unlock 3 playable Heroes in WonderHero. And this is done in the Marketplace.

In the Marketplace, NFTs such as Hero Skins, Weapons, and Equipment, which are in limited supply, can be traded where a 5% fee is taken from any successful sale while 95% is used for mining rewards. These items can be upgraded using $HON/$WND.

Game Modes, there are four types. Namely: Battle Mode, PVP Arena, Infinite War (where players challenge themselves in a Rogue-like survival arena), and Assist.

In the WonderHero platform, there will be WonderHub which is a system that is set up to bridge gaming experiences. With it, players don’t need to switch between web browsers for blockchain transactions and the game like withdrawals from BSC/ETH to Polygon (MATIC) network, minting, upgrading, or buying and selling NFTs.

For fairness to be maintained in the platform, WonderHero uses a unique PTE (Play-To-Earn Data Check Engine) verification structure to ensure that the game results are fair and reasonable. The platform is also mobile-friendly and can be played with a PC.

When players access WonderHero’s ecosystem, they can play games, trade NFTs from the Marketplace, use NFT assets on Polygon, mine in-game utilities, enjoy communities of Yield System…, and more.

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Tokenomics of WonderHero

WonderHero runs on two tokens: $WND and $HON. They are based on ERC20 and BEP20 protocols respectively, being built on cross-chain bridge solutions from ERC20 and BSC to link to Polygon. This makes it operate with very low gas fees, fast transaction speeds, and so good for gaming.

$WND is the governance token that is used to control the decisions taken for the WonderHero. Only those who stake $WND can make decisions that concern the platform. It is used for upgrading higher level NFT assets (Hero Skin, Weapon, Equipment), to earn $WND AND $HON by staking $WND.

$HON serves as the primary play-to-earn token of WonderHero. Players earn it by winning battles or by completing challenges. It can be used to upgrade Hero skins, weapons, and equipment, and at certain higher levels, players will need $HON and $WND for upgrading.

Challenges and Road Map of WonderHero

The competition in the P2E market is very fierce. League of Kingdoms, DeFi Kingdom, and Polychain Monsters have market caps of over $81 million, $277 million, and $14 million respectively as of April 19, 2022. These games have thousands of players and a huge community that has been built around the project.

WonderHero will need to beat the market with a better proposition as the market is also saturated with a lot of new projects being released daily. And so players are turned between numerous games to play and earning opportunities to engage.

For the road map, the team behind WonderHero will be focused on the NFT burn mechanism, Reroll NFT stats, Infinite War, Assist Mode, Biochip Game feature, Yield System Upgrade for Q2 of 2022. You can see more about that here.

Team and Partners Behind WonderHero

Ethan Ng, a former CEO of South East Asia’s, former Marketing Lead for Huobi Global, and former Digital Marketer for a Switzerland Bank, is the Co-Founder & CEO of WonderHero. ​​L serves as one of the Co-Founders & the CTO of WonderHero. Before joining this team, he was the Tech VP of a top exchange.

Zander Liang who was a Co-Founder at GCUBE, a game guide website and YouTube channel linked to Legends, and PUBG Mobile is the CMO of WonderHero. With more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, he leads the team in content strategy and marketing. See the other team members here. It is backed by Polkastarter, and MorningStar Ventures.



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