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3 Key Features of the Galaxy Arena Play-to-earn Metaverse



Galaxyarena is an intergalactic play-to-earn metaverse with an immersive arena built using the motion-capture meta cast technology to enhance user experience and facilitate players’ activities. Players show off their combat skills and go up the leaderboard when they emerge as heroes. Spectators can bet on fights to earn; earnings are used to purchase a spot in Galaxyarena which becomes their territory where they protect and control.

Players have creative freedom in the metaverse, taking advantage of the assets to carve their destinies and explore the neon botanical gardens/coral reef experiences the metaverse. Many things to catch the players fancy in the metaverse; which would you rather do? Build your NFT character? Develop your purchased spot and protect your space? Market your skills and earn? Or train in the real-life weaponry of the Galaxyarena?

Key Features of the Galaxyarena Metaverse

The Arena: this is a good place to get the juice out of Galaxyarena metaverse. The ecosystem designed the Arena in levels and makes available pay-per-view events and fight opportunities for players to earn from. Guests are well received in the metaverse, Galaxyarena in its generosity made its metaverse have a plan for everyone. Guests are friends to citizens of those in the metaverse; they have not earned enough Essence to purchase a passport to onboard themselves into the Galaxyarena as citizens. When players enter the Arena as guests they are limited to activities they can engage in but not limited to exploring Galaxyarena metaverse. They can not join Arena fights, or buy a spot in the metaverse real estate.

The arena is of three different levels:

Level 1: the boxing ring and main floor of the Arena where fighters and wagers wield combat skills.
Level 2: stadium seats. The stadium seating arrangement is designed to accommodate all character types and players in different tiers to interact and cheer the fighter they support.
Level 3: the private section of the Arena meant for the metaverse elite.

Participating in the Arena gameplay, tasks, and events rewards players in ‘Essence’. To take a flight from earth to the Arena, players need a passport. Passports are purchased using the ecosystem utility token ‘Essence’. Players view and cheer on their fighter of choice, and can bet on which fighter wins the Arena exclusive events.

The Marketplace: The ecosystem is fully equipped with commercial perks to enable users to trade and maximize earning opportunities in the Galaxyarena marketplace. Galaxyarena has a marketplace with full commerce opportunities designed for players to purchase in-game NFT characters, training, services, goods, real estate, upgrades, and sell or advertise as well.

The purchasing power of the ecosystem is the ESNC token. Essence is the currency native to Galaxyarena metaverse; it is a utility token for purchases, trades, exploring the metaverse, and earning wages. Essence has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 ESNC. The token sale will be in three phases; private sale, pre-sale 1 and pre-sale 2. Holders of ESNC tokens and active players will participate in the voting process of the ecosystem and contribute to running the metaverse.

The Gameplay: The ecosystem is built to give players a full-time living in the metaverse, where they can earn going about their daily activities, completing tasks, or carrying out their daily routines. As players roam around the metaverse they meet rotated challenges; daily, weekly, and monthly. The galaxy is risky, not a smooth sail for those who live in the Galaxyarena metaverse, risks vary from low, medium, and high risks. The risk taken is proportional to rewards earned, high risks attract high rewards.

Characters in the Galaxyarena are NFTs, they can be owned by users. Until guests earn enough to get themselves a passport/ticket into the metaverse they are not eligible to breed the in-game NFT characters. Players control their characters in a player-controlled fight and are given incentives by rank level and rewards, rewards can also come from the character type they choose or when they win fights. Boxing matches, mixed martial arts, and other forms of real-life physical events take place in Galaxyarena metaverse.

Players in the metaverse visit the Galaxyarena Cosmic zoo to have Hun and watch animals displayed in the zoo. This doesn’t stop there, players can take up challenges like going on missions to find the Zookeeper’s lost security lanyard and get rewards if the mission is accomplished. Tasks allow players to explore the zoo and facilities. Players can try out the Galaxyarena Celestial casino to enjoy classic casino games with high risks for high rewards; You can either win the game or lose it all.

To catch a glimpse of stars and celestial bodies players get to the metaverse Galactic Planetarium and reach the world beyond earth. When they are stressed out from tasks, challenges, fights, and missions, the metaverse resort has a relaxation therapy for players. The resort facilities include pools, private booths, golf, a garden, a museum, and an art gallery to give players a place to unwind.

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Galaxy Arena Roadmap

Here is the Galaxyarena growth plan as detailed in their whitepaper.

Q1.2022: Website launch, Organic community growth, Ambassador acceptance (fighters/influencers/businesses). Within this time, Private sale goes live, public whitelisting and Pre-sale 1 and Pre-sale 2 follow. The project will push to Implement FIAT to ESSENCE on-ramp solution, List on major centralized exchanges, and privately open a whitelist for real estate and advertisement sales.

Q2.2022: Door for limited exploration in the alpha phase will be opened, Metaverse mini-games launch and first metaverse event aired. Galaxy Arena team expansion and partnerships with artists and influencers will follow. Further C.E.X. listings, and NFT sales. Commencement of NFT breeding, open metaverse portals, and construction of Galaxy Pad / LaunchPad.

Q3.2022: The growth plan here features further market penetration and value sustenance. Arena aims to publish the 3-year plan to scale to 100M users, expand global presence and awareness.

A new 2023 roadmap will be published within this time. Other development that will follow includes Metaverse Expansion II, presence at gaming conferences and expositions, Blockchain meet-up, DAO, Aquarium, Casino, and Zoo open for exploration, and battles begin.

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