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Idlecyber; NFT P2E Game built on Binance Smart Chain



In Idlecyber, entertainment meets DeFi functions on mobile devices. The game depicts a world where humans are being destroyed, and instead of these wicked creatures destroying humans, we get to summon help. These help are called Cybers.

For each level of protection against humans, there will be a need for the Cybers to be improved making them fight. Players get these Cybers, to protect themselves while earning tokens in the Idlecyber metaverse.

What is Idlecyber?

Idle Cyber is a P2E game built on Binance Smart Chain. It is designed as an RPG model integrated with social features that allow players to connect and earn while playing in the ecosystem.

Idle Cyber was crafted by BeeMob Studio, one of the startups that have been trained in Google’s Incubations programs in 2018.

How Does Idle Cyber Work

In Idle Cyber, players need Cybers that are avatars to engage in the game. These Cybers minted NFTs that represent players in the game.

Apart from being used for fighting, they can be Summoned as well as go through Upgrade,… and can Evolve. Players can use either PvP or PvE modes to engage in battle.

The marketplace is where these Cybers can be purchased inside the Idlecyber platform. Players can also trade them for other NFTs depending on the functionalities they want as well as the money at their disposal.

There are special attributes players must check to select the best Cyber from the Marketplace: class, element, quality, statistics, skill effect, level up, tier up, revoke, and learning point.

For Statistics, each Cyber has special traits that control their role in a fight. The strength and weakness of the Cyber are measured by DMG ( damage), HP (health point), AS (attack speed), Crit Rate (critical rate), Crit DMG (critical damage).

Then, Revoke is like a resetting function that is used to delete previous characteristics of a Cyber while replacing it with suitable features. This will require that the player holds enough tokens. Learn more about the game mechanics here.

Idle Cyber Box is a box system that players can purchase on the Marketplace using the $AFK coin published by IDLE CYBER. The box contains several selected Cybers that can be used for fights and other engagements in the Idlecyber.

Idlecyber is one of the metaverse games with a good presence on Mobile. Can download the game via Google Play Store or App Store and start enjoying the play-to-earn features.

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Tokenomics of Idlecyber

The platform uses a dual token system where $AFK and $IDLE are concurrently applied for all activities in the platform. This is to ensure the sustainability & scalability of the ecosystem. To use the marketplace, click here.

$AFK acts as the governance token used for buying NFTs, staking, evolution, trading & rewards. It is built on Binance Smart Chain. Holders of $AFK can participate in decision-making that concerns changes in the Idlecyber ecosystem.

$IDLE is the utility token used for items/gears purchasing, heroes/items/gears updates, trading & rewards. It has its foundation on Binance Smart Chain as well.

The total supply of IDLE CYBER (AFK) is 790,000,000 and the distribution will be in this format: strategic sale, 12%; Public Sale, 1%; Team, 15%; Advisors, 4%: Liquidity, 10%; Marketing & Partnership, 12%; Ingame Reward, 30%; Ecosystem Funds, 16%. You can check the market metrics of AFK here.

Challenges and Road Map of Idlecyber

The world of GameFi is filled with a lot of options to have fun and earn at the same time. Here is the most intense challenge for Idlecyber provided the other parameters are in place.

Each day, blockchain platforms like Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Harmony, and more are helping teams to launch their DeFi games. Idlecyber would have to break through the market offering unique features and advantages.

For the road map of Idlecyber, Q4 2021 was planned for the initial development of the game. Then in Q1 2022, staking, marketplace, beta testnet, and mainnet are the highlights.

Q2 2022, Q3 2022, and Q4 2022 are planned for guild launch, works challenge, the release of duel mode, tower rush, guild war, player’s island, and more.

Team and Partners Behind Idlecyber

Luat Nguyen Khac is the Co-Founder and CEO of BeeMob Studio… and also the CEO of Idlecyber. He has vast experience in Game Development and Online Marketing. Trần Hoàng is a Co-Founder and the CFO of BeeMob Studio. He speaks English and Japanese and has skills in Marketing Strategy, Market Research, and Web Development.

Tung HM with greater skills in Team Leadership, Software Development, and Software Project Management is the Chief Product Officer at BeeMob Studio. Đông Nguyễn is a Game Developer with more than 5 years in 3D development. He’s a Gamer Developer with BeeMob Studio.

Other team members include Hoang Ngo, a Project Manager/ Software Engineer; Pham Anh Tuan, a Game Master; Nguyen Trung Duc, a Game Tester; Le Thanh Tung… and more.

Partners of the game include Raptor Capital, Crypto Family, ReBlock, CryptoMinati Capital, CoinTV Ventures, and StarPunk.


Idlecyber is a busy game that will keep players navigating through virtual lands, conquering other Cybers, editing, and creating suitable Cybers while earning tokens.



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