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GEOPOLY: The World’s Largest Capitalist Metaverse To Build, Rent, Grow Businesses



GEOPOLY is a geo-location of economic simulator that allows users to buy, rent, upgrade and sell real-life businesses all around the world in the metaverse. 

It can also be likened to a virtual world that allows you to make business decisions in the metaverse, that is why it is described as the world’s largest capitalist metaverse.

Geopoly is a product of Widow Games known to have a collection of games created by former employees of Microsoft. Window games are known to have more than 15mobile games released with millions of active users monthly.

With the raging popularity of blockchain and Metaverse, Widow Games decided to explore new markets with its IP , and face a new video games industry paradigm.

Geopoly is fully supported by lots of reputable on-chain VCs, one of which is Kommunitas. It is also backed by off-Chain VCs like Wayra innovation, NXTP.Labs, Cygnus and MSW Capital.


Features of Geopoly

It is created for players to explore and look for opportunities in the metaverse. Its mode of exploration is rare and distinct. players have the opportunity to create business opportunities, relate with other players, explore cities all around the world in the Metaverse.

Also, players are provided with options to explore the metaverse locally or by using satellites.

Exploring locally allows you to view, build, Invest and scout for new businesses or properties within the player’s locality using drones.

On the other hand, players are also provided with the option to rent satellites for a limited time frame to explore cities all around the world to look, rent or buy new businesses.

It is a business metaverse that brings about fun and innovative experiences for better interaction with the real world.


Game Layers

The gameplay is layered into two chains loop namely:

1. Off-Chain Game: Players have the free will to; build, rent, Upgrade and sell businesses. 

  • Players will automatically be given a free business branch that gives them the management capacity(MC) to rent a new business.
  • Once players have exceeded their capacity limit, they have to invest to upgrade the rented business and for every upgrade, a player earns XP
  • XP earned then grants players additional branches of the rented business.

In essence, Build new Businesses + Invest in upgrades + XP= Get new branches.


2.  On-Chain Tokens and NFTs: The game will have two NFTs; minted and pre-minted NFTs

  • The pre- minted NFTs can be purchased by any player to generate GEOS Token through yield farming
  • The minted NFTs will be on request by the players, granting the full exchangeable and sellable ownership.


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Buying  Geopoly NFTS

Geopoly NFTs can be purchased in the interactive marketplace where you will be able to browse the entire world looking for real business special locations to mint without limitations. It’s NFTs allows players to grow their real estate empire. You will be able to pay in MATIC or USDT and once minting is completed, you are good to go! 


Off and On-Chain Currencies

 Currencies to be used in the on/Off-chain games;

  1. CASH is generated passively by renting businesses, it’s the basic and most used off-chain game currency. Can be used to rent new businesses and invest in upgrades.
  2. XP: It is produced by finishing Upgrades on rented Businesses. It accumulates over time, increasing the Level of the Headquarters.
  3. Management Capacity (MC): Generated automatically by Branches, which can be increased by upgrading owned Branches.
  4. GOLD: Only available through In-App-Purchases, or by completing Business Objectives. It will be used to speed up processes like building and upgrading.


GEOS Token

$GEOS will be the governance token of Geopoly and will be available on the  website in the on-chain version. It can be bought with cryptocurrencies and FIAT, and it can be used to buy business all across the globe.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Listing Market Cap: 200,000

Full Market Cap: 20,000,000


  1. PVP: The Player versus Player mode will be a “Tower Attack” combat where the attackers must use an e-special consumable currency to send Robots, Drones, and Satellites to Hack the mainframe on top of the enemies’ Branch and steal non-tokenized digital assets.
  2. Geopoly is only available on Google App store and it is coming soon on Apple IOS.



This  is a game where you explore, look for opportunities, rent, buy, invest and sell in the largest capitalist game in the world where the main goal is to generate as much revenue as possible and expand your business exponentially. 

You will start from scratch and build up the greatest real-estate empire that the world has ever seen. But be aware, you will be competing with others. 


What do you think of this article? Share your comments below. 


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