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Juggernaut DeFi; A unique Expansion With GameFi +Metaverse



It is looking like juggernaut is not stopping at where it is with it’s plans to expand into the GameFi and Metaverse world. Juggernaut is expanding the evolution of DeFi by adding more sauce to its first vision of introducing a unique way of combining NFTs and DeFi by adding GameFi and Metaverse to it to enjoy more benefits attached to it.

From our previous publication about juggernaut, as it aims at building a unique ecosystem that is full of many exciting features allowing the coming together of DeFi and NFTs. The vision seems to be expanding because of its interest in introducing gamefi.

Juggernaut has done its research and discovered the crypto gaming industry is where the money and fun is and the population of gamers has massively grown. Adding to it, the NFT market has changed. Crypto supporters have realized that NFTs make a lot of sense in gaming environments, especially those with unique properties and use cases. It is feasible that NFTs can be used in games or inside different protocols. 


Why GameFi +Metaverse?

Juggernaut is believed to have one of the top DeFi + NFT exchanges on BSC, JGNNFT, exclusive IPs,  Diamond JGN Membership program. Juggernaut has always been an advocate of changing and helping the community with the various DeFi protocols.

 Juggernaut was created to give simple and fun access to new and interesting innovations, using the Play-to Earn model. With its previous experience building blockchain games will make the expansion much easier.


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JGN Metaverse Game

Juggernaut’s game developers are working tirelessly to create Metaverse 2.0  that will feature the collection, breeding, and battling components. 

Diamond JGN members will get JGN rewards for staking, and they will also get extra perks and upcoming secret rewards for helping the development of the JGN metaverse game ecosystem. JGN Metaverse will be open to everyone, but DJGN members will have access to the whole Metaverse experience.

Diamond JGN Membership

Diamond JGN can also be called DJGN. A membership program will be  created to support its early supporters and contributors with direct staking and participation requirements. It is a way of saying “thank You” to its community for their enormous support. It is also a way to attract new community members. 



Juggernaut has introduced a unique way of combining DeFi and NFTs. It has moved further to introduce GameFi and Metaverse to it to enjoy the benefits of playing to earn. Juggernaut’s vision is exceptional. We hope to see how it grows and evolves.


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