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Five reasons why Floki will hit $1 this bull run



Floki Inu, originally conceived as a meme-coin inspired by Elon Musk’s dog, has transformed into a comprehensive web3 project. It operates as a token on both the Ethereum network and the Binance Smart Chain, adhering to the ERC/BEP 20 token standard. The project is renowned for its utility, charitable endeavors, and meme culture, boasting a dedicated community of supporters.

With the recent surge in the cryptocurrency market that propelled Bitcoin to an all-time high exceeding $70,000, the potential for Floki to experience a significant price increase is being considered.

However, it’s important to recognize that for Floki to reach $1, its current market capitalization of $2.4 billion would need to surge by 4,000 times (4,000X). While this appears highly improbable, there are five compelling reasons why Floki could witness a price upsurge during this bullish market, albeit not reaching $1.

The transition from fun to the utility

Similar to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, meme coins that have evolved from mere tokens created for amusement to promising ventures with potential future growth, Floki Inu has also undergone significant development over time, introducing new features that enhance its utility.

One notable addition is the Valhalla NFT Metaverse, a gaming platform positioned to tap into the $1 trillion Metaverse industry and establish itself as a key player in the tokenization sector, which is forecasted to reach $16 trillion by 2030.

At the core of Valhalla is the FLOKI token, which drives various PlayToEarn mechanisms like a gardening system, unique in-game characters known as Vera, an elaborate battle system, a ship system within the game, and an item system.

Currently accessible on the Optimism Goerli Testnet, Valhalla allows players to earn and accumulate FLOKI tokens through gameplay. The game boasts top-tier gaming mechanics on the blockchain, incorporating on-chain gaming interactions and upgradeable NFTs.

Developed by a team of 11 individuals, led by MrBrownWhale, a respected crypto veteran, NFT expert, and Ether Cards council member, alongside Jackie Xu, a blockchain veteran with a decade of industry experience working with prominent names in crypto.

Within the Floki ecosystem, Floki Finance (FlokiFi) stands out as a decentralized financial platform offering a range of services like staking, lending, and borrowing.

Other components include TokenFI for staking Floki and earning rewards, as well as tools for new Web3 platforms. Floki debit cards bridge the gap between traditional finance and Web3, while Floki University aims to promote Floki and decentralization globally.

Community growth

There are over 76,000 holders of the Floki token as of March 14, 2024. Although it had more than 400,000 holders in its first year, its online presence has since flourished across various platforms, with notable communities on X, Discord, Instagram, TikTok, and numerous other social media platforms, collectively amassing 531,000, 17,300, 22,000, and 36,900 members, respectively.

Floki Inu has also received endorsements from major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinhako in Singapore, which has added the FLOKI token to its list of tradable cryptocurrencies.

Burn mechanism

In the realm of cryptocurrency, “burning” refers to the deliberate and permanent removal of specific tokens or coins from circulation. This process is commonly used to manage the supply of a cryptocurrency, increase its scarcity, and potentially positively impact its perceived value.

When tokens undergo burning, they are sent to a designated “burn address” inaccessible, rendering the tokens unusable and effectively reducing the overall supply within the blockchain ecosystem.

Floki Inu has incorporated token burns into its strategy to regulate its token supply and bolster security measures. According to data from BSC Scan, the team transferred a substantial amount of FLOKI tokens—totaling 2.26 trillion worth $52.52 million—to an inaccessible address via its BNB Chain-based bridge contract in 2023.

Furthermore, during the same year, the team moved 2.84 trillion tokens valued at $66.11 million to an inactive wallet on the Ethereum network. These combined burns amounted to $124 million, marking one of the largest burn events witnessed in the cryptocurrency space at that time.

Following a proposal put forth in March 2024 by the Floki DAO for another token burn, the token’s value surged by over 100%.

Market Trends

Despite potential economic uncertainties impacting global markets, the crypto market shows positive signs with new all-time highs for Bitcoin and continuous growth in blockchain technology. These factors could pave the way for favorable conditions for Floki’s price surge.

Observing Floki’s price on CMC shortly after Bitcoin’s new peak, it approached its current all-time high of $0.0003, achieved in 2022. While Bitcoin influences the overall crypto market and asset prices, and considering historical halving events, Floki is likely to follow Bitcoin’s upward trend, albeit not necessarily in lockstep.

Anticipated marketing for the Valhalla game

Even though the game was launched in 2023, it has recently undergone numerous updates. One notable update is the introduction of the Chinese version of the game. The team stated that this decision was influenced by the substantial community in Asia and the desire to broaden the game’s accessibility globally. 

As Floki serves as the in-game token, its price can be influenced not only by usage and utility but also by the factors mentioned earlier.

DWF Labs $10 Million buy

In early March, the digital asset market-making and web3 investments firm DWF Labs announced an investment in Floki. This investment which involves the purchase of $10 million Floki tokens signals a positive for the meme coin. And it came just after Floki announced the token burn of $11M worth of tokens.

Closing thoughts

The crypto market is evolving rapidly, having dropped from its peak of three trillion dollars. Memecoins are now capturing significant attention and playing an intriguing role in this trend. Floki, similar to other cryptocurrencies in its category, has the potential to deliver impressive returns for investors. However, it’s crucial to note that the token could also experience a sudden price drop, characteristic of meme coins known for their volatile nature. For an investor considering entering this market, understanding the associated risks is imperative.

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