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Earn Guild; the Emergence of a TRAIN, PLAY, and EARN DeFi Game



  • Earn Guild trains gamers, on how to play blockchain-based games

P2E games have gamers a good opportunity to earn while having fun. Axie Infinity last year covered more than $4b in all-time sales. DeFi Kingdom has over $1b in valuation as of March 2022. Other gaming platforms like Sandbox, League of Kingdoms, Cyrowar, and DeFi Land are making waves in the GameFi space.

However, it’s hard to clearly say that players earn as much as they should on these platforms. P2E has far more options to deliver to players to increase their earnings easily. Earn Guild is making a case for this approach to enhance the earning options for users of these platforms.

What is Earn Guild?

Earn Guild is a blockchain game built with community as the focus to help users earn while they play, train, and trade with game utilities. It also integrates fiat monetary systems to allow easy flow of crypto-fiat value for users.

The platform features a marketplace where in-game utilities can be used and exchanged for value. And of course, Earn Guild ushers in a fresh perspective of coaching for new players by older, experienced players emphasizing a community-centric ecosystem.

How Does Earn Guild Work

Powered by Community engagement, Earn Guild is created to bring P2E players together.

The ecosystem has NFTs designed for P2E activities. They come as swords, shields, land and buildings, pets, and fun characters which players buy and then use while playing the game.

Marketplace in Earn Guild is where players buy and rent play-to-earn NFTs. To buy or rent, players must agree with the set price listed, pay, and then have access to the tool. The ecosystem receives a fee for each transaction done.

In Earn Guild, there is a Coaching feature that brings experienced players closer to aspiring players, helping them master the dynamics of the game. Coaches are asked to provide their profile, listing their expertise as well as coaching fees.

There also exists an Exchange system through which players can exchange their play-to-earn game rewards for $EARN tokens.

The same $EARN token can be converted into fiat via a Fiat Gateway in the ecosystem. For now, the conversion can be done to receive USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, and JPY​ according to Earn Guild.

LedgerScore in partnership with Earn Guild built a Credit Score to reward players who meet up with their payment on time. The ratings are taken based on how players respond to payments on the platform.

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Tokenomics of Earn Guild

$EARN is the native token of Earn Guild built on Binance Smart Chain. The token is used for governance where every holder gets the privilege to vote for decisions in the platform. So any token holder can draft and submit a proposal for a change in Earn Guild.

The token will also be used in the Earn Guild Marketplace, paying players, exchange of tokens, coaching fees, fiat gateway exchange, and reward to community leaders.

To control inflation, the buyback and burning mechanisms are implemented in the Earn Guild platform.

Out of the 100,000,000 total supply of $EARN tokens, Seed Round, Liquidity, and Advisors will get 5% each. Private Round and Community Initiatives have 22% each. Public Rounds, Treasury, Development and Marketing, and Team will receive 4%, 15%, 12%, and 10% respectively.

To apply for funds, visit the website.

Challenges and Roadmap of Earn Guild

Earn Guild is still new in the blockchain ecosystem that is filled with multiple options of gamers to choose from. This is the first challenge it has to break to penetrate the market where a game was valued at over $3b in 2021.

Competition is so high and it seems as though blockchain adoption will be driven by gaming projects. If this is so, then the fight for supremacy continues as newer projects come on board with juicer features.

On the road map of Earn Guild, Q1 of 2022 is highlighted with Private and Public Rounds and the launch of a wallet and debit card. Q3 will be for PR & Marketing and launching of the marketplace with its features.

Mobile release of the Earn Guild game and fully functioning DAO for the platform are key plans for Q4 of 2022 and Q1 of 2023.

Earn Guild

Earn Guild

Team and Partners Behind Earn Guild

The Chief Executive Officer of Earn Guild is Darren Olney-Fraser, a corporate attorney, tech investor, and seasoned founder. He has worked on several blockchain projects focused on solving international payments. Darren is also the Head of Partnerships at Club Swan and Company Director at BragBook.

Tapan Das serves as the Chief Technology Officer with more than three decades of experience in Software and Financial Services. The likes of IBM, JPMC, TWEX, Mastek, and Siliverline have been the workplace of the entrepreneur who’s focused on AI, Blockchain technology, NLP, NLG, and CV.

Chief Operating Officer, Marc Edmonson, has been an entrepreneur, investor, and expert in Business Development. He’s the Chief Operating Officer at Earn Guild Games. Marc has been involved in the international business development process for over two decades earning him a “dual-lens insight” as an entrepreneur and investor.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Earn Guild is Michael Tobin who is vast in negotiating business deals management, and business development. Tobin also has an affiliation with the military sector relative to business development.

On the Advisory Team are Evan Luthra, founder of Startupstudio; Kyle Chasse, owner of the first Bitcoin lottery; Samuel Huber, founder of Admix; Nathan Christian, founder, and CEO of LedgerScore; Abbey Lauersen experienced Senior, Account Manager.

Earn Guild extends its leadership to the community it serves by appointing Community Leaders “who help new players join Earn Guild, apply to become scholars, rent play-to-earn NFTs, and learn how to play to earn more,” says the website.

Most of our player community activity occurs on Discord, where we have a vibrant Discord server. Most of this activity centers around Axie Infinity, at this stage, because Axie is the most popular play-to-earn game at the moment.

LedgerScore and Club Swan Partners are the top corporate partners at Earn Guild


Earn Guild has brought a tweak to the P2E world. The structure of the regular GameFi platform gives it a stand with other games while the integration of community-based activity like the coaching process is so unique.

Another strength is the sync with CeFi which allows users to operate with fiat via the fiat-gateway in the ecosystem. That feature can drive more adoption as it reduces the “only crypto” worry and fear in the crypto world.


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