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Mecha Morphing: The Metaverse for the ‘Rogue Ones’; Mine Battle, Trade, Forge Weapons



Gaming is leveraging Blockchain innovation to bring new light into the Industry. The conventional game mechanics have been spiced up by the goodness of this novel technology together with the integration of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and Metaverse. Though most people are still being skeptical about the technology and all that flocks with it, the market is seeing more adoption by the day, and interestingly its application spans across many tech-compatible industries.

The new boy driving the buzz in the game market is play-to-earn. A form of gaming where players get rewarded for their engagement. In-game assets can now be owned or traded in the form of NFTs/Collectibles, and the gameplay all takes place in the metaverse. The earned rewards are sold and received by the player as real currency to their wallets.

Mecha Morphing is a play-to-earn blockchain game, built to reward gamers for their valuable input. Participation in Mecha Morphing works like a chain reaction where the value created by developers, in turn, becomes a value for gamers. Its metaverse allows the player’s engagement and contribution where they earn by completing tasks, looting land, mining, going to battles, trading, and forging weapons. Players can own in-game assets and trade them in the Mecha Morphing metaverse marketplace. Player’s earnings in the metaverse are proportional to their participation.

The Storyline

In the hands of the ultimate ruler Sarin, lies the hope of survival. Natural resources have greatly decreased as a result of phenomenal occurrences that claim lives and as well affect the natural supply of food. Lords at the service of Sarine manage this food, which means survival is a hassle. Humans get weak as war breaks out almost every day.

A nuclear war came and claimed the lives of many humans, thanks to Sarin who sold weapons to regions that opposed good and mass-produced cyborgs and robotics to strengthen the arm of the battle. Sarin produced many war machines, sold out to those who patronized him and kept the sophisticated ones to himself. After the war, Sarin became the wealthiest both in money and resources, possessing a sophisticated cyborg army, which made him the most powerful in the world.

Sarin made living difficult, people had to exchange labor for food, and scavenging was outlawed. He made a move to start a second world as the old had crumbled, no one dared him for he was all shades of dark and evil. Despite the fear in the eyes of many, there lived “The Rogue Ones” , those who swore never to go by the dictates of Sarin. Their operation was illegal as regards Sarin’s command, so they were wanted by the law enforcement, yet this didn’t stop them. They made away with any food and resources they could get, shared amongst themselves and with people who could not fend for their living. The emergence of “The Rogue Ones” is the age of Heroes.

What to Play and How to Earn

The Mecha Morphing game has five main game systems for players. All focus on giving players an interesting adventure in the metaverse. Each game system presents an earning opportunity where successful tasks completion rewards the player with the rewards peculiar to the game system.

To note, for players who want to go into battle the basic requirement is possessing a weapon NFT and the character stat is a big bonus to their performance in battles. Weapon NFT is only a criterion for participating in battles and does not apply to general participation in the ecosystem.

The Mecha Morphing combat process contains three waves for each level. This is for the player versus environment gameplay where players battle using their Mecha character, and weapon to earn tokens, NFT, materials, and character experience. Players are given 10 stamina points with which they can bring in their character for battles, each character is equal to 1 stamina point. Therefore, for every character the player brings in, 1 stamina point is deducted. Characters, NFTs, and Mecha that have been locked in battles remain locked and cannot be traded in the marketplace until they exit the battle.

Arena gameplay in the metaverse is a player against player game mode. The challenge is between players and spectators (other players not participating in the challenge) where they sit, watch the challenge, and have the freedom to support their favorite player in the battle. The support is by a betting system where a spectator root for a player, then contributes in a pool to validate their support for a win. The percentage of the pool will be shared among the spectators who the battle went in their favor and the warrior who won. There are criteria to participate in the Arena battle, of which one is that characters in the PVP battle should have a mecha slot.

Players have the freedom to own lands in the Mecha Morphing metaverse, these lands can be looted by other players in a looting game. If the loot is successful the land becomes that of the looters and the resources shared amongst them. If they fail, they are fined for inconveniences and the fine is paid to the landowner. Players put in work to upregulate their Mecha and weapon stat. They can forge, enhance, upgrade or manufacture weapons and Mecha in the Forging system where each function requires a cost to be completed.

In a predetermined prize, a player sets up a task using the player versus player Mecha Morphing Smart contract Bounty system. Other players willing to participate, have to complete the task according to the smart contract and if completed claim the prize. The main bounty system is similar but a little different from the bounty quest system where players get rewards in $MMC when they complete the quest list assigned to them according to their capacity.

An interesting module yet to be implemented into the Ecosystem is the guild system that curates players with the same goal and interest in the platform and helps them find each other.

All in-game assets and NFTs are traded at the Mecha Morphing NFT marketplace.

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Mecha Morphing Game Assets

Mecha: Mecha has 9 character slots from head to foot. Players collect Mecha during battles, loots, tournaments, and events. When Mecha is collected, its stat gets upgraded to a level best suited to the player. The character comes in different unique forms, and each character type has a different stat makeup. Most games in the metaverse are played using Mecha.

Weapons: players acquire weapons as drops from battles or loot, which can also be gotten through the purchase of mystery weapon boxes. Weapons are NFTs and stand as a requirement for participating in battles. Different weapons have their stat and optimize specific character classes.

Characters: players get to choose a character as it suits their battle strategy. These characters can be upgraded through battle experience or purchase of character upgrades from the NFT marketplace.

Land: after the nuclear war, everything is gradually returning to normal. Most lands can no longer be inhabited, while some can still serve a good course. Players who own lands claim the resources from the land or sell to other players in the metaverse.

There are five character classes in the metaverse Melee, Rang attack, Tank, Assistance, and Superhero.


Mecha Morphing runs a dual token model where $MMC is the utility token and $MAPE is the governance token. Players purchase in-game assets and stay active in the game with the utility token. When players complete battles, acquire lands, or trade at the in-game NFT marketplace, they earn $MMC. Both $MMC and $MAPE are ERC-20 tokens.

$MAPE gives holders the community right to voting and staking $MMC to earn $MAPE. The Web3 space falls heavily on community. Mecha Morphing aims to be a community-driven project that engages its active users and brings them the engagement they need. Active gamers in the platform contribute to the game development and newer versions.

Watch the Mecha Morphing official trailer here

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