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MetaStrike: Now You Can Shoot, Build and Earn from this Metaverse Game



MetaStrike Metaverse

Where are all the fans of Call of Duty and CSGO games? There’s something more interesting that’s being developed if you love the architecture, mental feel, and immersiveness of those games. MetaStrike is bringing the fun, the experience, the vibe, the community together, raised to the power of Wow! if that exists.

That Wow! is where VR, Metaverse, and blockchain come in to make what you’ve experienced in Call of Duty and CSGO look like rehearsals. And of course, as you play, you are invited into a world of NFTs, collectibles, and making good opportunities to earn with the Play-to-Earn model of MetaStrike.

What is MetaStrike?

MetaStrike is a first-person shooting game, with a collection of weaponry and other collectibles as NFTs that users can gain access to for free, buy some, upgrade as well as build to their taste. All of these are developed with the combination of blockchain technology and Virtual Reality tools that gives it a richer experience.

It gives a unique feel that is different from the traditional game experience. The introduction of blockchain brings DeFi functionalities where players can earn as they play. The tools used are NFTs, which can be minted, used to build structures from avatars to physical buildings and road maps. And then, all of these can be traded in the marketplace.

The Team

No project gets better than the team pioneering the roadmap of its development. For MetaStrike, the project started from an engagement between some of the MetaStrike team members and Decentraland.

Tiep Pham, who is the Chief Technology Officer of MetaStrike has a large scope of experience in the blockchain industry ranging from his involvement with Harmony blockchain where he worked with the Co-founder; he also helped build a DeFi project, Moonfarm Finance. In the Vietnamese bank, Techcombank, Pham functions as a director, where he develops and manages a network that controls more than 200 million transactions daily.

Another team member is Son Dinh, who has been in the crypto space since 2016, with experience in digital exchanges, and the building of financial security systems. He’s the Chief Financial Officer of MetaStrike as well as in FinanceX Exchange, ProTrading Bots, and others. His wealth of experience in the financial world is so important for the MetaStrike project.

The founder and CEO of MetaStrike are Peter Nguyen. He also occupies the same positions at As one pioneering the CG Art studio team, there has been a build-up of immense exposure in the gaming world which is being adopted into the blockchain network. He has ten years and four years of experience with game and blockchain development respectively. Peter has worked with Decentraland to build their virtual space, Bandai games to create Hungry Dragon, and Square Enix to develop Final Fantasy.

The Chief Strategy Officer of MetaStrike is Frank Dang, who left his job in 2019 to focus on the world of crypto. He focuses on raising funds, devising IDO (Initial Dex Offering) and INO (Initial Node Offering) plans for MetaStrike. Frank was introduced into the crypto industry in 2013 and has worked on four crypto projects including his DeFi project, Moonfarm finance.

Thắng Đỗ is the Marketing Manager of this Project. He has six years of experience as a Brand Marketing Manager across companies like Unilever, L’Oreal, tech companies with VC Corp & Vinagame (VNG). MetaStrike is his project in the crypto space which he joined about a year ago.

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The Game Plan and How to Earn Playing MetaStrike

In MetaStrike, there is the single-player mode which includes Zombie Hunting, a PvE (Player Versus Environment battle), as well as a multiplayer mode like PvP (Player Versus Player), Clan war, and Tournaments. In tournaments, games are played live as well as online, reflecting the future of the gaming world where people want to participate in games from anywhere around the world. That is where eSports comes in.

In this process, players can earn by using any of these options:

  • Play to Earn

First, as a new player, you don’t have to buy assets as NFTs to participate in the games. However, those who buy assets tend to have more profit as they play. For every stage that you cross as a player, there are rewards given like is found in the traditional game models where you get coins, medals, and weapons. The next way of earning is…

  • Build and Earn

This option is given to players who want to use the Design Room. In this space, players can design a map for a fight by minting them as NFTs. Once done, the community votes on the value of the map, using design, functionality, and other parameters to choose the best map. The chosen map is then added to MetaStrike’s team mode so that other players can use the map. For every usage, the designer is rewarded. Passive income!

  • Trade to Earn

The presence of a marketplace makes this possible because, any NFT that is minted and used, it can be traded by auction in the marketplace. A player can also decide to mint NFTs and sell them, based on what the community needs. An upgrade is also permitted of the previous weapons a player gets. These can range from guns to bombs to whatever weapon you can imagine that’s useful for fighting. It’s a total virtual experience with full fighting functionalities.

  • Staking of the token

Most blockchain projects allow users to stake the native tokens that drive activities and in return earn rewards for the staking. MetaStrike provides this option for players and users who might not be involved in gaming but want to participate in the reward system.


In the Metastrike metaverse, the dual token model is implemented where $MTT is used as an in-game token while $MTS is the governance token. Breaking down the functions further, $MTT can be used to participate in various game modes, gain access to new maps, buy and upgrade weaponry, and swap for $MTS (although holding an NFT is a requirement here).

For any $MTT used, 10% is pulled for the weekly prize while the rest is burned forever. While $MTS is used for the upgrade of weapons to the max, weekly staking (to get $MTS, $MTT, NFT, or skins), the building of guild, participate in DAOs, major tournaments, and other major activities in MetaStrike like uploading NFT design from the design room.

According to, on 12 February 2022, the price of $MTS is $0.298065. There is no data for the circulating supply while the maximum supply is 565,000,000. From the Litepaper, 30.86% of this 565,000,000 is allocated for staking and community, reward, yield farming, foundation reserve; 25.66% for private sale; 17.70% for marketing, competition, and ecosystem; 15.93% for team and advisor; 8.85% for liquidity (DEX AND CEX) while the remaining 1% is for the airdrop. The coin can be bought from Kucoin, Gate, or other exchanges.

Roadmap for Development

Before talking about the roadmap, it’s vital to know that the major challenge MetaStrike faces is competition. And that’s why their roadmap is meant to help navigate the environment of Metaverse development that is producing new and exciting projects all the time.

On the roadmap, 2021 was planned to be the date for the Alpha release and then the first quarter of 2022 will see the release of IDO, marketplace, closed beta version, and sales of NFT. For the second quarter of 2022, the MetaStrike ecosystem will begin the sale of Metaverse land, the introduction of AI, weapon switching, and other modes. Towards the final part of the year 2022, the expectations include full 3D models, weapon upgrade, the release of new NFT and Metaverse 1.0.

On the marketing aspect, MetaStrike has built partnerships with strong marketing brands like X21, Exnetwork, OIG – that are helping to spread the message across countries. And for the gaming community, Enjstarter, Good Games Guilds, Rainmaker Gaming, and others come into play. “Our marketing strategy,” said Thắng Đỗ, during an interview, “is focusing on 2 key pillars: gain massive brand awareness of Metastrike, and engage with the community with a focus on gameplay.”

MetaStrike is one of the innovative platforms that is transforming the world of gaming. Here’s a side you need to see again, whether you want to be a good gamer or a community participant or you want to earn by staking tokens or you just want to sit and watch extraordinary gamers display their skills online, you have a place here. A place where metaverse meets blockchain and VR experience… plus good $earnings.

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