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Will the Metaverse Make People Lose Touch With Reality?



The Metaverse has become a punchline on Blockchain-based discussions. The idea of a virtual world powered by Blockchain technology is an incredibly innovative tool.

The idea of Metaverse once existed only in imagination, but today we see practical applications that bring those imaginations to light.

To get on with this, most Blockchain startups are tweaking their value output around the idea of a Metaverse and designing products that gives an almost freemium advantage where users earn as they participate on the platform.

While the Metaverse remains boundless to ideas and creativity, Game devs are already on Gamefi projects revolutionizing gaming and fashioning their products after a Metaverse allowing users to earn while playing games.

Play-to-earn games are booming. These games are Blockchain-powered, designed towards a Metaverse where gamers utilize the already crafted tools to pedal their creativity and earn as they play. Play-to-earn games use their native Cryptocurrency or NFTs as a utility token on the Metaverse to aid transactions.

CryptoTVplus on Monday the 8th day of November 2021, during her weekly Blockchain program Inside Blockchain while on the subject “Metaverse As a Disruptive Emerging Technology” described Metaverse as,

” The world beyond the universe, where virtual lands, avatars, and even buildings can be bought or sold, often done using Cryptocurrencies or NFTs. To sum it up, the bridge between the virtual world within the Decentralized and open source world is known as Metaverse”

On social media, the interactions, communication, and contents seem different from what it is as in real-life and categorically some persons separate their real-life experiences or activities from social media.

The idea of the Metaverse, though beyond the social media concept, pushes to give people who adopt it a dimension of virtual experience where they can live outside reality.

Psychologically, one needs to make themselves believe they are really on the Metaverse, having a digital representation of themselves, manipulated to act as though they were real, and just how they would love to in reality.

To make up the limitations of real life, the Metaverse proffer benefits that drives its value and adoption

The Metaverse proposes to give an augmented reality, where people can carry out their real-life activities in the Metaverse.

In Communication, people can exist on the Metaverse as avatars with unique characters peculiar to them and interacting with other existing digital representations of other individuals on the Metaverse.

Organizations can schedule meetings and get to have full-time discussions on the Metaverse with everyone participating as they would have in their real-life workspace.

Most Metaverse gamefi projects have features that allow gamers to interact with each other, trade, create and compete on the gaming platform.

Barriers exist in real life that impedes full actualization of individuals goal, the system of a metaverse help curtail those barriers;

Distance barriers: People who are locations apart, can connect or even team up for a task and deliver as though they were physically together. Team members can be in diverse locations and not just work remotely but are virtually present with each other.

Space barriers: Organizations can now expand their workspace to undertake as many workers as they are able to integrate into their Metaverse. The physical size of the workspace no longer limits members working together.

Funds barriers: To catch up with all happenings in real life, huge funds go into traveling and expanding workspace, with the Metaverse, huge funds spent on most things are reduced to a considerable rate.

While this is achieved, time has been saved.

Time is an intricate factor of life, time management has been one of the things that aid productivity.

Efficiency is obtained when resources; time, people, funds, space, etc are properly managed.

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The Metaverse; A Bridge or Burn?

Metaverse agnostics believe that the idea has come to flood people away from real life to a digital or virtual living, that seems as though it were reality; or simply put virtual reality.
As a bridge, crossing from real life to virtual. Replicating the actual experience in a virtual world, one can have a more creative output to what they do on the Metaverse.

Some life’s seeming impossible fits could be innovatively made possible on the Metaverse bypassing limitations in real life.

Creatives embrace the idea of a Metaverse with open arms owing to the manipulation of digital matter to align their advanced innovative contents.

There are factors in real life that are beyond control, which poses a limitation to creativity, wherein the Metaverse with the aid of Artificial Intelligence, data can be filed to give a certain and better outcome than in reality.

Real-life experiences could be transferred to a virtual world and vice versa, fueling revolutionary innovative crafts. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies traded and used in real life can as well be utilized in the Metaverse.

Over time, at different phases of an innovative trend, some traditional systems are edged off. Though skeptics think Metaverse will make people lose touch with reality, real-life can’t be substituted with virtual as it remains the single unit of control and can’t be replaced.
Rather than considered to be a wall, where people lose touch with reality and plan or live their lives though reality doesn’t exist, Metaverse should be seen as a tool for better real-life experience.

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