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Top 10 Venture Capital Firms (VCs) Investing in GameFi Projects



10 VCs investing in GameFi
  • Here are top VCs investing in GameFi projects across the industry.


GameFi is a play-to-earn which has  frequently appeared in the Blockchain industry.

It has recently gained so much attention and piqued the interest of many people thateveryone wants to be involved in the gaming world.

GameFi is a field that has emerged as a result of the Blockchain Technology’s growth as a lot of NFT games heats up.

The introduction of chain games and Metaverse has stirred up the interest of the Venture Capitalists (VCs) making them  invest huge amounts of billions of dollars into GameFi.

As we know, VCs typically invest millions of dollars in the growth of companies and have expectations.

 Below are the top 10 Venture Capitalists with more than 1 billion dollars under management. Most of these firms have been in existence for a decade or two now.



A New York based company which has $260 million under its management that was established in 2018.

Galaxy Interactive invests all over the interactive landscape and it is well-positioned to evaluate opportunities at the intersection of gaming, Web3 and Open Finance.One of these gaming investments is Immutable and it  has already released Gods Unchained, Ethereum’s highest-grossing trading game.

It already has its token which is growing effortlessly in the market and is about to launch Guild of Guardians, an NFT roleplaying game backed by Ubisoft.

Galaxy interactive has also invested in over 60 companies across content, social, tech and finance. It recently announced to raise $325million to fund next-generation  NFT games.



Makers fund is an industry that is focused on backing  the future of interactive entertainment.

It recently raised $200 million to invest in interactive entertainment like BetaDwarf, an ambitious company pushing the boundaries of co-op games to create lifelong friendships all around and across the world.

It’s team released FORCED in 2013, selling 500,000+ copies. Since then, Betadwarf has released SHOWDOWN and reached millions of players with Minion Masters, a full free-to-play title.

Makers Fund is also part of the Avia games investors . It has also in recent times quietly invested in several teams across the cities in the U.S, Canada, and Europe.



A software engineering consultancy. Bitkraft Ventures started in 2016 with $183.5 million under management.

It is located in Mumbai, India. It is focused on empowering clients with technology-enabled solutions.

It also considered gaming bolt’s project as their own baby which has grown into a big gaming center.

Bitkraft recently announced to raise  $75 million to fund the next-generation NFT games.


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Hiro is a London technical venture capital fund that invests in innovators who are building the future through game, E-Sports, D-Sports and Metaverse Technologies.

Hiro Capital also invests in the web 3.0 technology platforms and digital services.

It has led companies from startups to Initial Public Offering (IPO) in London and New York. One of the startups is the Light Fox games ,a mobile game developed in Washington That aims to make one of the best multiplayer games that inspire the next generation of mobile players.



A Santa Monica based leading venture. It solely focuses on investing in gaming platforms, gaming contents and gaming studios, Griffin gaming was founded in 2019.

Phil Sanderson (The Managing Director) who has been working with gaming entrepreneurs as a venture capitalist for the past 23 years. He has  invested in some of the leading game infrastructure and content companies in the world such as Phoenix Labs, Discord, Vivox, Triller and many others.

  • FORTE: Forte is one of griffin’s  gaming investment organization that builds  a blockchain-based economic platform for video games,  it has raised $185million in Series which will be will be used to accelerate the development of its end-to-end blockchain platform, which lets developers create fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and build scalable token-based game economies.



Is a technology focused venture capital based in New-York. The firm seeks to invest in the media, entertainment and commerce industry.

It began operations in 2012 and has invested in lots of technologies and media, one of which Sandbox is part of, where you get to Play, Create, Own, and Govern a virtual Metaverse made by players and has grown to its independent stage.

The sandbox token is worth $2.51 as of today.



Aventus Network is a layer-2 solution that lets you build on Ethereum. The Aventus Network (AVN) can currently scale to 2,000 transactions per second – 133 times more than Ethereum.

The AVN will process a token transfer within 0.13 seconds.



Konvoy is dedicated to supporting founders to building the next generation of gaming and E- sports companies.

It is located in Vietnam. In January 2020, Konvoy Ventures announced its final closing of the 1st fund of $10.79m. Also, in August 2020, Konvoy Ventures launched its 2nd fund with the target amount of $50m.

It’s recent investments are; Sky Mavis, Bunch, Dorian, Hiber World, Genopets and so on. Genopets which is the first free-to-play, Move-to-Earn NFT game.

It recently held its Initial Dex Offering (IDO) and has gone live.



 As its name implies, it is a venture fund for gamers, crypto, and NFTs as they grow to become leaders.

Having both worked with some of the youngest and most mature developers. V games  has acquired a deep understanding of what it takes to build a great game.  



 Since the launching of play venture in December 2018, it has invested in a diverse portfolio of gaming teams all over the world.

It invests early in the most promising free-to-play game studios like mod games startups.

It also lives to encourage ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs to create the next $100M+ gaming powerhouse.



In conclusion, The concept of GameFi has taken the crypto market by storm and continues to define how gamers interact with their favorite games.

With a lot of funds going after projects in the space, there is expected to be a great demand for more innovative games.


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