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PLAYERMON: Battle, Colonize Worlds on the Planet Gameplay.




Talking about a play-to-Earn universe where you can explore around, battle and have fun within the planets, then PLAYERMON is one to check out among the vast number of Play to Earn products in the market.

Playermon is a play-to-earn game where as a player, you have the liberty to colonize different planets, earn valuable resources and battle with other players within the playermons. 

This project was inspired by some professionals who love games and are fans of Animal Crossing Video games and Pokemon Trading card game; luckily for them, they have the knowledge of the Blockchain Technology.

The love for video games steered the passion to create  the not so regular but  a space- themed adventure game PLAYERMON  in May,2021.

This game has some similar features of the Animal Crossing game but in a much outer space.

 The more committed the team are to the creative planning stages, the more they realize they cannot run away from the challenges they would encounter in the course of bringing this GameFi project to reality.

However, it is committed to bring more value and promises to make a difference to NFT Gaming and the play-to-earn industry no matter the hurdles.


Playermon, like any other GameFi project, is mostly a platform with all sorts of funbattle and creativity where you don’t just pay the game for fun alone, but you get to earn rewards.

The main difference between playermon and other traditional games is the manner by which the Blockchain Economic design is integrated to reward players for contributing to the ecosystem like;

  • Completing tasks and different modes to earn rewards.
  • Upgrading the breeding pets.
  • Staking tokens on plant pools.
  • Selling and leasing NFT assets in the Marketplace. And many more..

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The Playermon Planet platform gives  opportunities to creators and artists to publish their different games in playermon planet.

An integrated social platform for the Gamefi project creators  to launch mini-games on their  playermon galaxy and planet,by leveraging their ecosystem through SGem distribution and PYM collateral.

Not all planets are created equal, some are more resource filled  than others and some might contain underground dungeons for the player to explore.

However, before gaining access to any of the mentioned. Planet owners are advised to invite scholars and other players to explore their planet first.That is the right way to go.

‌ However, the player is required to build an interplanetary scanner to check planets near to their location.

To build an interplanetary scanner, players should explore the planets or complete missions to collect items that are required in crafting it.

If they want to own it without doing all the hassles, they can purchase them at Radix (marketplace).  


 All players in the universe  need to form a team of Playermon, where each team consists of three Playermons.

  • Pre-battle; players are required to choose 3 Playermons and position them strategically.
  •  The placement of Playermons can provide an advantage over the opponent, so it is advisable to  place them wisely.
  • Ability cards are given to each player at random at the start of each turn after which players will have to choose action cards for their Playermons.

NOTE;  Every  action card will cost an action point which is a limited resource.

The player will be victorious once the opponent has no standing Playermon left.


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