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GameFi: The Versatility of Project SEED NFTs development 



One of the pillars of play-to-earn gaming structure is the acquisition of NFTs.

These items/tokens are what are usually acquired and exchanged for other forms of cryptocurrency.

The development of gaming by Project SEED aims at creating NFTs also that can serve unique and functional purposes. Some of the attributes of the NFTs are discussed below. 

Cross-Game Interoperability

This feature allows the users to enjoy their features across games. The aim is to expand the connection and connectivity of the games that are being designed/created by Project SEED.

The functionality of the interoperability will allow that game features are used from one game to the other. The use of the NFT metadata will allow this feature to be easily achieved. 

This will mean that when a player gets an NFT in a game, they’ll be able to use such features on other games that are designed by project SEED.

This would presume that all games in the same space will have a general theme.

This would allow gamers the opportunity to keep their progress on one game and also spill into the other games.

It will also help to facilitate a unification of the ecosystem on project SEED with NFT trading.

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SEED Merchant Capabilities

There is a plan to create an NFT Marketplace. But pushing that forward, there will be the opportunity to open Merchant Shops in the SEED NFT marketplace.

When this is granted for a user, they’ll be able to be part of the governing of the ecosystem’s marketplace.

The merchants are also presumed to be able to advertise across the gaming platforms as NFTs are usable across games.

This would also mean the Merchant can set up shops across games so a buy bid from one game platform will be seen by a merchant even when not actively on the exact same platform.

This will create a very seamless transition between games and also facilitate the project SEED metaverse!

Gamers will do themselves a great service to aim for the Merchant status. 

Cross-Project Interoperability

While the beauty of gaming on Project SEED is in its interoperability within the game, it is taken even further by the development of interoperability with other projects.

This is made to ensure that NFT markets that aren’t in game will also be able to list and sell NFTs for gamers.

This will be made so by ensuring a wide array of partnerships with other gaming projects and also NFT markets.

This further widens the development of the NFT acceptance. 

These applications will be available from the launch of Outland Odyssey. Now that’s a launch to look out for.


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