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Project SEED: Exploring the SHILL Token Use Cases & Staking



On November 9th, Project SEED launched its native token –SHILL – to serve as the major token for exchange within the ecosystem
In this article, we shall be examining the use cases for the SHILL token and benefits for holders on the Project SEED ecosystem.

SHILL token Use Cases

Holding SHILL grants an extensive range of benefits for the users, including receiving In-Game airdrops, secondary token (game token) distribution, governance, and other great rewards as the building of Project SEED metaverse ecosystem.
Beyond interoperability across the project ecosystem , it has numerous use cases that center around the community-driven ecosystem.

Dungeon Creator
SHILL Token holders will be able to create their own dungeons for other players to play on (farm), where they could earn from other players who play in their dungeons as loot materials.

Each dungeon has a unique ID that is attached to the blockchain.

The play-to-earn system lets players earn SHILL Token which can be converted to real money and distributed based on Proof-of-Play.

Besides APR, stakers will receive a limited NFT drop by the system every season.

In the recently developed and soon to be launched Outland Odyssey game, players can interact with their beasts, called Zeds.

Using SHILL tokens, players can evolve their Zeds to higher levels and skills.

NFT Marketplace
SHILL Token will be the option of currency for payment at NFT Marketplace. NFT Marketplace will be available in 2 types BUY/SELL and RENTAL System.

Gaming Governance
In Project SEED games, as early as Outland Odyssey, players govern the world and the ecosystem.

SHILL Token holders can propose and vote for their favorite ideas. Project SEED is creating the 1st decentralized mobile game app where players are involved in game advancements.

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Staking SHILL Token on Exchanges
Project SEED has officially started its $SHILL staking program on Hot Cross and Kucoin, offering users more opportunities to earn rewards and increase their assets with the SHILL token.

On Hot Cross
SHILL staking on Hot Cross went live on November 10, 2021 and set to last for a period of 30 days. Users will be able to stake $SHILL and $HOTCROSS and get rewards in $SHILL.

On Kucoin — Pool-X
The SHILL Flexible Promotion program was launched on Pool-X on November 19, 2021 and will last for 30 days until December 19, 2021.

Hard cap of the whole platform is 5,000,000 SHILL. From the staking, users will enjoy an APR of 30% (excluding POL mining).

During the staking period, in addition to the staking benefit from the project, users can also get a share of the POL mining rewards every day.

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