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GameFi: An Exploration into Project SEED’s SEEDex 



GameFi: An Exploration into Project SEED’s SEEDex 

The project SEED GameFi 2.0 isn’t much more than an upgrade to gaming. It’s a complete revolution to accommodate a lot of the development of the blockchain.

One of the major pillars in the Project SEED ecosystem, is GameFi including Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFT, and Marketplace play an important role to accelerate the mass adoption of this one-stop multichain gaming platform.

It’s an intersectional territory between blockchain-based gaming and decentralized finance, giving users the most flexible financial powers while also enjoying a seamless gaming experience at the same time.

How do these come together to form a seamless process?

For the players to have the ease of navigation and operability, they created an in-game and off-game DeFi product for traditional players to execute DeFi within the application itself, and still allow the seasoned crypto players to connect to the Web3 application for their DeFi related activities.

Usually, gamers have to leave a platform to perform other tasks related to finance but this offers the complete ecosystem to allow for an all-round financial experience and also seamless gaming. 


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There are 3 major developments that help make this happen. 


Vaulting/ Staking

A portion of the Project SEED token supply is allocated for Staking reward and Liquidity staking reward.

This is a major incentive to gamers to hold tokens in the early part/stages of the gaming project. 


Cross-chain Bridging

This will be implemented for the NFT and Tokens into the NFT Marketplace (BUY/SELL) backend.

This will unlock the possibility of a user who owns different assets (NFTs and Tokens) on different blockchains to transact with each other without worrying about interoperability and Cross-Chain capabilities.

This product will also be made available for Project SEED partners’ games and assets within the Project SEED ecosystem. 



This is an exchange that is built on the Solana network that allows users the ability in-game exchange opportunities.

This is also built to ensure complete utilization of token swapping. It is modeled after Raydium and Serum swap. 

Players can do all the activities that they usually have on the swaps in-game.

One of the other major components of the GameFi 2.0 is the NFT marketplace.

To increase usability and convenience, Project SEED NFT Marketplace will be available both in-game and also off-game.

For the professional Merchant, we will create a Merchant Application to specifically boost Merchants’ profitability and exposure to the players across the ecosystem.

The in-game marketplace will be the go-to place for users who want to conveniently buy, sell, rent, or lend any NFT without leaving the game.



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