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Project SEED: A Deep Dive into Outland Odyssey’s O2 token



The play-to-earn market continues to show increasing promise in various forms. In this article, we shall be exploring the Outland Odyssey’s 02 token of the Project SEED ecosystem.

From the development of the first game which is to launch in 2022. Outland Odyssey is set to host its own native token.

The presence of the SHILL token is already a very important part of the Project SEED development. The addition of a native token to the first title game adds a new level of complexity and interactive element to the project.

How will users be able to access the O2 tokens?

It is expected that the token will be distributed to the holders of the SHILL token at game launch. The volume of SHILL being held by each user/holder will determine how much of the O2 token will be distributed.

Stalkers of SHILL will also be able to get the O2 token as a reward for their staking SHILL. This could be traded off if desired.

The token will also be distributed based on Proof of Play. So players will have access to the token also from game play. This is the play-to-earn model of the gaming structure.

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What are the expected uses of the token?

NFT Crafting

Every NFT minting will require players to burn SHILL and O2 Token. Project SEED believes this system will make a healthy game economics and balance of the token supply.

Item Enhancement

Players can enhance their game items (minted as NFTs) to increase their statistics and skills. Like minting, every enhancement requires players to burn O2 tokens.


In the Outland Odyssey game, players can interact with their beasts, called Zeds. Using O2 tokens, players can evolve Zeds and their skills to higher levels.

The Outland Odyssey game with its token is expected to launch in 2022.

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