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How to Get Launchpad Allocation Easily on Metaverse Projects 



The influx of metaverse projects into the cryptocurrency scene comes with a myriad of opportunities. These opportunities can be identified along the lines of play-to-earn games, presales of tokens that are likely to yield significant gains, airdrops and many other benefits.

It is commonplace to see upcoming projects offer incentives to investors on public launchpads as they try to raise funds to achieve their goals for the project. The incentives could arise in the form of token allocations (often at a lower price), early adopter access to the project amongst others.

To access these incentives, investors often have to get whitelisted, which gives them access to whatever the team behind a project is offering in exchange for the funds and support. However, getting a whitelist spot as an investor interested in a project can sometimes prove difficult. 

Drawing from the above, in this article, we look at how you can increase your chances of getting an allocation for metaverse-focused projects. 

Research on Metaverse-focused Launchpads 

As a potential IDO or IGO investor, doing intensive research is the foremost step in getting access to a launchpad allocation easily. This means that you have to virtually keep tabs on every metaverse-based or gaming launchpad in order to get in early on them. Knowing about a project early enough gives you an edge over other investors.

In the last few months, we have witnessed the emergence of A-list launchpads, which have also featured triple-A metaverse projects. Some of these launchpads include Enjin Starter, Gamestarter, Seedify. Each of these allocations has different allocation methods. Most launchpads use a token-based allocation, such that potential investors have to commit a certain amount of tokens in exchange for the launchpad’s token. A few launchpads like Gamestarter use an NFT-based allocation system. 

Top 10 Metaverse Projects

Gamefi—the Versatility of Project SEED NFTs Development

Play to Earn— Top Gamefi Launchpads

Holding More Quantity of Launchpad Tokens

IDOs or IGOs of promising metaverse projects have recently been attracting lots of attention from potential investors due to the hype around metaverse. Some launchpads require investors to commit tokens to a pool set aside for an IDO. Investors who are willing to participate in the IDO commit the number of tokens that they are capable of. The staked tokens will be locked in a pool pending the time investors are allocated the project’s token.

Meet KYC Requirements 

Despite the emphasis on decentralization, some launchpads make KYC by investors compulsory. This means that investors can only access new projects after fulfilling Know Your Customer requirements. Thus, as a prospective investor, ensure that you have satisfied these requirements to partake in any IDO or IGO.

Have Your Funds Ready

Make sure that whatever funds you intend to use in participating in an IDO are ready. Since most launchpads are built for different chains, they often require investors to use the native token of whatever chain a launchpad is built on. 

For example, if the launchpad is built for BSC projects, investors will most likely have to commit Binance Coin (BNB/BSC) as that is the native token of the chain. Alternatively; they can use stablecoin— BUSD. 

Let the funds be stored in the wallet you intend in connecting to a launchpad for participation. This saves you the stress of having to transfer your funds from an exchange to a wallet, which sometimes could lead to other issues such as withdrawal deactivation. 


Metaverse projects are springing up daily, with most of them integrating NFTs and token economy. At least, these are some of the primitives that will transform the metaverse into a reliable innovation in the future. Launchpads are an easy way to gain entry into these new projects, either by acquiring their tokens which are usually undervalued. 

Recently, most metaverse tokens have been yielding 10x gains for early investors in the wake of the rising hype. So if you are looking for a 100x or higher token to invest in, you should probably look toward the metaverse angle. And launchpads will give you a proper headstart.

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