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How To Position Yourself In The Crypto Industry



The cryptocurrency industry has grown over the years from a one cryptocurrency whose entire market capitalization was inconsequential to a multibillion dollar industry comprising of several thousands of cryptocurrencies and attracting the dons of the financial world into what they previously considered useless, valueless, and likely to end in a painful death.

All over the world, people are experiencing the liberation power which crypto offers especially in the areas of financial freedom and free speech. The influence which the ideal of crypto wields continues to resonate from nations to nations and this has resulted in the creation of one of the fastest growing industries. 

The rate of development in the   industry aside from regulatory limitations has been phenomenal. People, firms are creating new products which seek to make life better, easier and freer. 

As much as the industry is growing at a significant rate, it is still in its early stage and presents some fascinating opportunities for anyone to utilize. As with other industries, there are hundreds to thousands of opportunities which anyone who is able to can leverage to build a career. Crypto industry offers similar bountiful opportunities; however, these opportunities can only be readily available when an individual understands what gives.

Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at how anyone can get into and position himself or herself as the case maybe in the crypto industry.

1.  Making the decision – what do you want to do? Who do you want to be?

It’s a well known lesson that anyone who fails to plan, plans to fail. There are several opportunities available in the cryptocurrency industry, so it’s important for someone to decide what area they want to operate. What they desire to do as their “thing”. Making the decision is imperative to getting directions and working towards that goal.

For anyone who wants to get into the music industry, he is expected to understand what he can do and decide what to do. This is equally similar in the crypto industry. Anyone who wishes to position himself must decide what area he wants to focus on and work towards it. 

2.  Unlearn, Learn, Relearn

The cryptocurrency revolution has brought up deep truth hidden from the masses. The understanding of the financial system, how it operates and the way it has become a tool of destruction of people’s wealth have remained largely unknown to lots of people. The libertarian idea behind crypto has brought about enlightenment.

 This knowledge is held dearly and its imperative anyone who wishes to position himself in the industry, learn about the concept of money, about cryptocurrencies, the technology which cryptocurrencies run on – the blockchain as well as the various possible applications of the technology.

The popular saying “knowledge is power” is ever relevant in the dynamic world of crypto. Therefore, anyone who wishes to become part of the industry and become someone significant, he has to unlearn and learn and relearn. The continuous never ending path. The amount of knowledge acquired will determine the level of exploits.

3.  Joining Cryptocurrency Communities.

The industry has grown significantly, such that there are several cryptocurrency communities spread across various social media platforms. A quick search on Facebook will bring up several crypto communities, there are others on Telegram, Whatsapp, Reddit, etc.

Being part of a cryptocurrency community helps in facilitating exchange ideas, concepts and the overall learning and growth package.

Joining a cryptocurrency community gives one a platform to speak, discuss, share ideas, collaborate, innovate and grow. It affords one the platform to become relevant. As this becomes a thing, the individual begins seeing increasing growth and influence.

4.  Taking a Work Role in the industry 

Becoming part of a cryptocurrency community helps in spreading one’s wings, it grants an individual a platform to explore and grow.

Another way an individual can also get his or her name out there thus positioning himself is by taking a work role, such work or jobs should be one that’s progressive not a role which doesn’t have prospects.

Nonetheless, even a role with little or no prospects may present a launchpad for future leadership roles which is the main goal.

A role is dependent on the skills of an individual. Some people could get into business management and advisory, software development, community management, legal advisory, media, educator etc. The opportunities are abounding. 

For individuals who couldn’t get the opportunity to do paid jobs, could volunteer or get their own gig set up. There are several individuals using their own skills, knowledge to push their personal brand forward. You could. 


Anyone can be anything they desire to, with the right dedication, motivation and drive. As much as an individual will desire to become relevant in the industry, he’s expected to understand personal brand development. These key points are guides for anyone to start up and become someone significant in the crypto industry. 

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