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Dash Nigeria donates 1000 Copies of Digital is the Cash book to Nigerian students through Campus BCAT



Dash Nigeria has announced the donation of 1000 copies of the book “Digital is the cash” to Nigerian students across the country. The distribution will be made through the cryptocurrency education and awareness initiative Campus BCAT to students across several Tertiary institutions in the country.

Campus BCAT is an initiative from CryptoTVPlus, the Number 1 Crypto Media focused firm in Africa to spread awareness of cryptocurrency and the underlying technology with its various identified use cases to the Nigerian students.

Over the past 7 months, the Campus BCAT team has been able to congregate large gatherings across several tertiary institutions in the country with one of such schools having the largest crypto themed gatherings in the entire Africa crypto space.

The donation of the books to students via the Campus BCAT movement is part of the “Digital Cash Awareness Drive” which is a campaign to see the promotion of the knowledge and understanding of Digital Cash in simple and relatable terms to encourage easy comprehension.

 In total, 10,000 copies of the book will be distributed across Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Haiti both in English and French languages.

Speaking on this, Nathaniel Luz, Lead of Dash Nigeria and author of “Digital is the Cash” said “this is in a bid to promote the knowledge and understanding of Digital Cash, in the barest non-technical terms possible to the mass of people.”

The campaign according to the Director, Digital Cash Awareness Drive, Tosin Miracy, is positioned to give proper awareness and education of digital currencies to the public and correct some falsehoods.  Focus will be regulators, financial institutions, students clubs, tertiary institutions and libraries that are accessible to the public.

CEO of CryptoTVPlus, organizer of the Campus BCAT Movement, Tony Emeka speaking on the development said “education and awareness is a very important role that must be taken very seriously in the crypto space and Campus BCAT was birthed to ensure the correct message of crypto is taking to those it matters most, the leaders of tomorrow, the students in tertiary institutions. The donation by Dash Nigeria reaffirms this great move and vision of Campus BCAT and we are grateful. Awareness is not a one man job in this industry; it requires collaboration such as this.

About Dash

Dash is an open source cryptocurrency which uses the Proof-of-Work Protocol.  It is accepted globally by businesses owing to its low fees and instant transaction time as well as allows privacy in transacting.

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