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First Kudi Partners with Stanbic Bank Ghana allowing Deposits/Withdrawals of the Ghanaian Cedis

First Kudi to expand into the Ghanaian Market as it sets to open up Deposits/Withdrawals for the Ghanaian Cedis



The First Kudi Mobile App will soon become available to up-to 30 million people  as it’s set to expand into the Ghanaian market within the next few weeks. 

The expansion will see the introduction of the Mobile App which is powered by Ferrum Network to millions allowing them to be able to deposit and withdraw the Ghanaian Cedis. This according to First Kudi is in furtherance of its vision of building the preeminent African financial empowerment app.

Assessing the viability of the Ghanaian market, First Kudi mentioned the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in the country as a product of the high inflation experienced in the country – of which as at 2019, it stood as a single digit of 9%; high transaction fees etc.

Partnership with Stanbic Bank Ghana

First Kudi in order to enable the deposits and withdrawals of Cedis partnered with Stanbic Bank Ghana. This according to First Kudi will enable it to be the most reliable, low cost, and easy way to invest in digital currencies like BTC, ETH and FRM as well as will allow our users to send Cedis to anyone at 0 cost. 

First Kudi also mentioned more partnership should be expected over the coming months aimed at improving the user experience on the App. 

First Kudi Ghana Ambassador 

The expansion into Ghana will also see the launch of the First Kudi Ghana Ambassador program that will help grow the app. The ambassadors according to Kudi could potentially grow into full time employment with reward structures as it expands its onground team.  

First Kudi Ghana Pre-launch 

First Kudi will also launch a pre-launch campaign through which all Ghanaians interested in First Kudi will have an opportunity to be among the first users in the country. Early sign-ups will not only earn rewards in Ferrum Network Token (FRM), but will also be the first to access the First Kudi upcoming referral program among several other packages. 

Early users can sign up here

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