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Expanding the Opera Platform Aggregation Business in Nigeria Using Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technology



Nigeria is a big market for lots of products. As the most populous black nation, Nigeria’s daily expenditures run into billions of naira. In spite of economic position in the country, Nigerians are still heavy spenders.
Opera took the Nigerian mobile browser market over with its portable, clean and fast UI/UX browser the Opera Mini. On Java Mobile Phones, the Opera Mini browser was the most preferred amongst various at the time.
As the Android OS became mainstream, the same reason why Java phone users loved became even more noticed in the intuitive Android Version. Clean UI which enables users to access, share and save web contents easily has continued to draw others into it.

Opera News Content Aggregator

With the commencement of Opera News Aggregator services that is integrated into the Opera Browser, an app that churns out daily, thousands of contents to users all over Nigeria thus enabling indigenous users and the world over to access news, sports updates, gossip, music, videos, basically contents on all subjects, the firm is growing in its business as an impressive rate. Of some of the interesting features of Opera News Aggregator is the machine learning ability which serves content based on pre-viewed contents or searched keywords.
This ensures that users of the Opera browser receive constant personalized contents which keep them coming back for more.
For some time, Opera has been working on developing a cryptocurrency for its Browser similar to the Brave Browser.
As one of the leading browsers, the move to integrate cryptocurrency wallet appeals to the enthusiasm of cryptocurrency users not forgetting security concerns though.

OPay and ORide Business Strategy

Growing and expanding it’s aggregation business, the Parent Company of Opera has floated a finance technology subsidiary OPAY (Opera Pay) which it hopes strengthens the position of the firm in the growing fintech industry in Nigeria.
As part of its strategy, the ORide, an On-Demand Motorcycle Hailing Service was launched to disrupt the motorcycle hailing business in Nigeria. These series of moves are designed to capture significant user base in the country.

How Cryptocurrency Can Enable Opera Win Huge User base

Opera has already captured the content aggregation business with incentives to content creators where they share in the revenue generated from the advertisements on the aggregated articles.
Since Opera already has a large user base which if combined with other growing enterprises will see it as one of the largest in Nigeria other than Facebook, Twitter etc, the blockchain technology can enable Opera achieves mass adoption.
The Opera content aggregator relies on two most important classes of people to thrive. These are the Content Creators (blogs, vlogs, news portals etc) and the Content Consumers (readers, viewers). The current arrangement is effectively rewarding content creators for contributing thus Opera cannot be sued for reproduction or stealing their contents. 
Next is how to incentivize users to come on more unto the platform. Data is Oil in the 21st century. Data can only be gotten when there are users’ activities. The higher the number of users, the higher the volume of data.
With the Opera News Content Aggregation already integrated into the Opera Browser software, and the cryptocurrency wallet, Opera could either launch a token (appreciable or stable) which it can use to incentivize (reward) Content Consumers when they click and read an article or watch a video.
The desire to earn while enjoying one’s time will draw thousands of users ranging from secondary to tertiary and other classes of people to use the Opera browser.
Opera has the financial capabilities, the technical competence, the tools, infrastructure and the market has not been touched in Nigeria.

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