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Starbucks to launch NFT loyalty program, Odyssey  



The largest coffee brand in the world, Starbucks, enters Web3 with the introduction of its first NFT experience, Starbucks Odyssey. Odyssey is a digital community built to enable new experiences and reward the Starbucks community using NFTs.

According to the Starbucks team, Odyssey allows fans, employees, and the brand’s customers to interact. And these community engagements are rewarded with NFTs that grant each holder access to coffee-related services from Starbucks.

While the waitlist to join Odyssey is live, the full service will be launched later in 2022. For now, only people from the US are allowed to join.

NFT marketplace in the Starbucks Odyssey app

Brady Brewer, the CMO of Starbucks said that Starbucks is special in the life of customers as it is the “Third Place” between home and work. He further stated that the “Starbucks Odyssey experience will extend the Third Place connection” into the digital world.

The CMO believes that the experience will connect members of the Starbucks loyalty program with each other. The vision of the projects, Brewer said, “is to create a place where our digital community can come together over coffee, engage in immersive experiences, and celebrate the heritage and future of Starbucks.”

Once the Starbucks Odyssey app is launched, members with access can play games, carry out tasks, and earn NFTs. Holders of these NFTs can access virtual martini-making classes, attend exclusive Starbucks events, and visit Starbucks coffee farms.

Being an environmentally responsible brand, Starbucks is building this experience on the Proof of Stake network, Polygon. 

Use this link to join the waitlist:

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