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StepN launches $30 million airdrop of GMT Tokens worth of points



StepN, having achieved financial stability, is rewarding its users by distributing $30 million worth of GMT points through an airdrop.

According to StepN, users can exchange these points for GMT tokens at a 1-for-1 rate through the StepN marketplace.

This news arrives alongside an upcoming announcement about a partnership with a leading shoe and apparel company.

StepN is a mobile app that merges blockchain technology with walking or jogging activities.

Participants can earn cryptocurrency rewards by reaching daily step goals and engaging in challenges within the app.

By syncing with a user’s phone health data, the app monitors steps and grants rewards in native cryptocurrencies like GMT or GST2.

The rewards can then be used within the app for various purposes, such as purchasing in-app items, participating in special events, or even being converted to other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. 

StepN aims to promote physical activity and encourage users to adopt a healthier lifestyle while also providing an innovative way to earn cryptocurrency rewards.

StepN also noted that though the airdrop began a few days ago, the next phase is set to commence today, April 10, 2024, and the airdrop allows users to win exclusive prizes. 

The CEO of StepN, Shiti Manghani, explained that Stepn is in a stable financial position and has the resources to give back to its users. 

By conducting the largest airdrop in the company’s history, StepN aims to reward users at various levels, including badge holders and Genesis holders, to demonstrate its commitment to appreciating and incentivizing its user base. 

“Through the past 3 Trailblazer events, maintaining the tradition of an annual airdrop, StepN has dedicated a massive portion of its revenues to give back to their users,” it said on a post on X.

“Back in March 2022, we airdropped the majority of Genesis Sneakers on the BNB Chain. Two years later, and after another giveaway for Genesis holders in February 2023, we want to thank our most loyal holders with a massive airdrop based on holding duration.”

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