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Updates on NFT Marketplaces on the MultiversX blockchain



MultiversX, formerly known as Elrond, is a blockchain protocol that seeks to offer extremely fast transaction speeds by using sharding. Its smart contract execution platform is capable of 15,000 transactions per second, six-second latency, and a $0.001 transaction cost. It rewards the community and active participants with EGLD tokens, which act as a store of value and a medium of exchange between platform users and validators. 

EGLD allows developers to deploy smart contracts, protocols, and dApps on the platform and empowers participants to perform any network action. EGLD is endowed with the functionality of a governance token, so its holders can vote on network decisions. 

MultiversX is an inexpensive, carbon-negative, and fully offset transaction platform. Web3 technologies have opened a new dimension for creators to tell their stories, with unique properties that make them globally transferable. These properties have rapidly expanded beyond art into new verticals and sectors, such as digital identity, data control, and property deeds. One of the infrastructures that has facilitated this expansion is the NFT Marketplace.

MultiversX has an NFT marketplace ecosystem that is made up of NFT marketplaces built on the MultiversX blockchain. And here are the recent updates on a few of them:


Frame It is an easy-to-use NFT marketplace where creators can design and launch their NFTs. It is also embedded with features for trading NFTs between buyers and sellers. Frame It is built on the MultiversX blockchain. 

In the last year, it has undergone a redesign, offering a custom feed, multiple buy options, and a shopping cart. Search functionality has been improved, and users can track the trading activity of their favorite collections. A “Follow collections” feature and a mint calendar have also been added to explore NFT listings.


Xoxno, formerly known as Trust Market, is an NFT marketplace aggregator that provides users access to several NFT marketplaces on one platform. It brings the advantage of using access to several pricing and NFTs to enable users to make the best decision on what to trade. Xoxno is being built on the MultiversX blockchain.

Xoxno’s updates include its UX redesign, which features bulk buy options, a marketplace aggregator, a staking mechanism, personalized feeds, analytics, and real-time trades. Users can make global offers, send DMs, negotiate, target multiple collections, use FIAT payments, and use P2P swaps, auctions, and a Launchpad.


Deadrare is an NFT marketplace built on the MultiversX network, allowing anybody to buy and trade Elrond-based NFTs. Dead Rare strives to support artists and producers by offering a reliable outlet for them to share their work.

The platform has added new features to improve the user experience, such as a search bar, notifications, analytics, P2P swaps, an NFT staking system, and Discord bot connectivity.


Eneftor is a blockchain-based project that aims to be the centralizer for minting, creating, buying, and selling NFTs on the MultiversX Network. It also has tools for generative collections and AI generators to raise funds for charitable causes.

The latest updates on Eneftor include the introduction of a utility token, whitelist management, launchpad, staking mechanism, ecosystem category, marketplace metrics, and a KYC system for users to discover new NFT projects.

Krogan Swap

Krogan Swap, formerly known as Elrond NFT Swap, is an NFt marketplace on MultiversX that allows minting, trading, and swapping NFTs between users. Krogan Swap has undergone a rebranding and now offers a pro swapper feature, ESDTs payments, lending, cashback events, NFT swaps, and a newsletter. It is set to launch the Kroganverse, a metaverse for NFT lovers.


Xengard, previously known as Isengard, has added several new features, including analytics, launchpad, DAO, and token games. Users can participate in the platform’s token games to earn rewards.


NFTR NFT Marketplace has introduced dynamic royalties, collections ranking, filtering by traits, real-time listings, and an improved UI/UX. The platform’s launchpad allows users to discover new collections and explore new NFT products.


Rarity Market NFT Marketplace now offers a rarity creator, EGLD staking, and market activity tracking. Users can stake their EGLD tokens to earn rewards while also tracking the latest NFT trends on the platform.


NFT.ici is one of the newest NFT marketplaces on the MultiversX blockchain. The marketplace aims to bridge the gap between institutions and citizens through tokenizing elements in areas such as education, intellectual property, real estate, energy certificates, supply and distribution chains, art, and fundraising.

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