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Metaverse: Build, Battle, Explore, Play and Earn in Heroes Chained



Blockchain-based games are one of the most appealing investment domains in the crypto industry. According to statistics “The global gaming market was valued at 162.32 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to reach a value of 295.63 billion USD by 2026, registering a CAGR of 10.5% over the forecast period (2021 – 2026).”

With the integration of NFTs, games are now getting on board with the blockchain-NFT revolution, which further drives the growth of the gaming industry where the buzzword is “play to earn.”

Inventuna Inc. is the studio behind Heroes Chained. Inventuna was launched to create blockchain-based games that will help resolve most market problems in the GameFi industry. The project approaches GameFi with a play and earn concept rather than play to earn. It believes that P2E attracts coiners and people who want to make money by playing.

Heroes Chained (HC) is a play and earn fantasy action role-playing game (RPG) in which players take on the role of Guild Masters and are tasked with gathering heroes. Popular card games are combined with innovative RPG features in this game.
The game is played in real-time rather than in turns. Every valued object in the game is an NFT item, NFTs can be gained through a variety of methods, including exploring, claiming, crafting, breeding, participating in in-game events, and purchasing. NFT products include heroes, lands, items, card spells, artworks, and masterpieces.

HC provides players with an abundance of heroes of various classes, races, and genes, each with a variety of powers and spells, as well as a breeding mechanism for creating new, unique heroes. In addition, the game features a vast wonderful universe with adventures, hidden dungeons, treasures, monsters, and creatures. It has a game-type analysis of, Casual 30% / Core 60% / Hardcore 10%.

The game story follows Dark Lord Oblivion and his everlasting champions who have ruined the fictional world of Ventuna, which is home to various races and regions. In a last-ditch effort to fight back, all races banded together and built the world’s largest city, called ‘Last Hope’. The city can support the different races and their kind while also protecting them from the reach and power of the Dark Lord Oblivion.

NFTs in Heroes Chained can be freely sold in-game between players or on third-party open markets. NFT items are traded using the in-game currency HeC. HeC is a deflationary currency, Players can use HeC to vote on game-related choices and participate in game governance.

Gameplay and Features

Guilds: This is the players’ home base, where all heroes, lands, resources, and other items will be stored. Guild masters can upgrade and grow their guild by purchasing more property in the city, which allows them to construct new facilities. Guilds can be bought and sold by players both in and out of the game. Each guild can have a large number of heroes, which can be collected and enhanced, from many races and classes such as humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, lizards, and half-beasts.

The guilds are controlled by players who compete against other guilds, performing tasks to become the most powerful guild in the city of ‘Last Hope’. Players can engage in PvE by sending their heroes outside the city to battle monsters, purchase lands, explore dungeons, claim artifacts, and fulfill missions. Guild vs Guild or Team against Team PvP includes guild alliances for tournaments and leagues.

Guild spells are real-time support cards that the player can cast while the heroes are fighting. Using the guild spell, Players can attack the adversary with a fire spell, equip heroes with magical shields, and reduce the attack damage of a group of adversaries. Guild spells are available for purchase at the guild shop or the city magic school. Upgrading the guild unlocks new packs and increases the chance of finding uncommon spells.

Heroes: Heroes can be crossed to create new and unique heroes, which can then be sold, traded, or hired in-game or on open marketplaces. Heroes can be improved via training, fighting, and completing quests. As the heroes are leveled up, they get new skills from the class pool at random. They will earn a subclass as they go through the game, which will allow them to gain special abilities from the subclass pool. There are five main classes in the game, each has a set of sub-classes. Classes are an important component of the game because they define the heroes’ fighting style and skills. These five main classes of heroes include

  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Archer
  • Healer

At certain levels, all heroes will gain a character trait, which can be beneficial or terrible, or both. Heroes are bred to pass on their genes to the next generation of heroes, increasing their stake value.

Crafting: Players can create weapons and armor to boost their characters’ abilities. These abilities can also be bought, sold, or rented. Basic resources are required to craft gear, but unique materials are required to create very powerful, fantastic, and unique weapons. To make weapons and heroes appear interesting and stand out from the crowd, players purchase uncommon materials and accessories for them.

Players will be able to purchase land and earn as they explore the metaverse. What to earn includes HeC tokens, crafting materials, and upgrade resources. In and out of the game environment, all lands can be bought, sold, or exchanged between players. Lands can also be improved to boost productivity.

NFTs: Heroes, swords, armors, flags, land, card spells, precious material, and other valuable items in Heroes Chained are stored as NFTs. Players can freely, safely, and legally trade their HC NFT items on third-party open markets. Users who do not have access to a blockchain wallet can utilize the HeC wallet to trade on the in-game marketplace. Fungible tokens, NFT products, and materials can all be purchased in the in-game marketplace.

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The value of an NFT in Heroes Chained is determined by the combination of the following:

Utility: An NFT item’s utility depends upon its attributes, and performance (usefulness to players). The greater the utility, the greater the value. A hero’s value will increase as its abilities and attributes increase, which means better performance and efficiency in winning, exploring, and earning.

Scarcity: The rarer a hero is, the higher its value. Scarce items may have characteristics that correspond to scarcity, such as being created by extraordinary artists, and being rare in nature; Scarcity of land is a good example.

Aesthetics: Great artists, beginning with Onur Cayli, will produce NFT masterpieces for the Hero chained metaverse. Some of the NFTs will be marketed exclusively as works of art, others will be in-game items with unique utility and rare characteristics.

Interoperability: Interoperable NFT items will have higher values, Interoperability with other games is part of Heroes Chained game design.

Heroes Chained Token Overview

HeC is the game’s native currency. The total supply is 100,000,000 HeC. $HeC is listed on Huobi, Trader Joe, and Pangolin. HeC tokens can be exchanged for the following items in the game: Governance; staking, NFT items, providing liquidity, farming, yielding, lending, and borrowing.

How to earn HeC tokens:

  • Guilds, heroes, lands, and crafts can be sold for HeC tokens.
  • Completing missions, killing monsters, and taking part in in-game events.
  • Competing against other guilds and winning tournaments.
  • Owning token-rewarding lands.
  • Exchanging coins and tokens.

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