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Metaverse; Breed, Fight, Play, Earn in Metakings



Blockchain has proven to be a very viable tool that can change our world. The same tool that birthed the Bitcoin ecosystem and bitcoin currency that 10,000 of it was worth two pizzas has developed a whole new ecosystem globally worth $4.67 billion in 2021. And the same market is projected to reach $163.83 billion by 2029 from $7.18 billion in 2022.

However, the adoption of blockchain has not been smooth because the concept is not understood by most. Tools like games and exchange platforms have been the foundation for driving the adoption of blockchain. For games, Axie Infinity has been a major player in helping nations like the Philippines in the adoption of technology while improving their economic situation.

Apart from Axie Infinity, Decentraland and Sandbox have gathered a lot of communities that are experiencing the beauty of blockchain technology, especially the mix of fun with economics. The founders of Metakings while working with Decentraland saw the opportunity of driving blockchain education and adoption using the same mix: fun and economics. And so, Metakings was born to make this happen.

What is Metakings?

Metakings is a P2E game that is developed on the Binance Smart Chain and powered by artificial intelligence, where players can use NFTs for In-game activities while earning. These activities include playing, fighting, socializing, real estate development as well as the launching of games.

Since the development of the game has grown, to be a social network and job platform due to the progress gained by the large community around it. So users don’t just come to play but to look for jobs, be employed, and earn some money. All of these activities are happening in an ecosystem that combines the uniqueness of blockchain technology and the Unreal Engine.

How Does Metakings Work?

There is a Free to Play mode that is available to all players of the Metakings platform. Here, players can have fun but will be rewarded on a long-term basis and not like those who go for the paid mode.

In Metakings, there are the PvP and PvE styles of play where players can choose which to use. Before having access to this, players are required to buy Metakings NFTs from the Marketplace. These Metakings NFTs (found in the Arenas, habitats for Metakings) are characters and have unique features… with names from King, Queen/Witch, Rook/Chariot, Knight/Horseman to Bishop/Archer and Pawn/Pikemen.

Each of these characters will be used for battles and can be transformed for better functionalities. The owners can choose to Breed, and Upgrade their characters so they can fight better and bring more rewards.

In the Metakings Metaverse, players can Farm to obtain love portions needed to Breed their Metakings NFTs; construct a land-based kingdom for them that they guide and protect from invaders, and are permitted to trade various items in the Marketplace as a source of income.

So in the Metakings ecosystem, anyone can play for free, buy Metakings NFTs and participate to get access to more earning opportunities, Breed their characters, build a Kingdom inside the ecosystem, collected resources during battles that can be exchanged for value, and be rewarded for a lot of activities carried out in the platform.

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Tokenomics of Metakings

The game is powered by its official token, the Metakings token ($MTK). It will serve as the utility token that can be used to purchase anything in the game and as a governance token for managing the changes implemented in the Metakings space.

Metakings token ($MTK) is a BEP-20 token with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. You can see the live updates of the token here. With $MTK tokens, holders, as well as players, are rewarded always. Players use it for the minting of characters, arenas, and preserving the lives of characters.

For the earnings, players earn in the Metakings ecosystem by participating in PVP fights, reselling bred characters in the marketplace, and collecting and speculating on rare Mystics and Origins.

On the distribution plan, 30% is for Presale, 10% goes for Development and Game Rewards each, while Referrals & Bounties, Team, Burn, and Liquidity get 5%, 5%, 20%, and 20% respectively.

Challenges and Road Map of Metakings

Metakings is entering a market that has fast growing P2E projects as competitors. These include DeFi Kingdom, Illuvium, Alien Worlds, and Farmers World. For Metakings to gain further access and large adoption, it has to offer better value than the other games in the ecosystem with sustainable marketing strategies.

On the development aspect, the first Phase of Metakings has been completed with the development of an initial prototype, deployment of smart contract, the launch of online presence, presales, initial listings, and partnerships.

Part of Phase 2 has also been done. While these are left: cinematic & auto battler trailer, 2022 Beta testing game release and more CEX Listings.

Phase 3 will be focused on improving the ecosystem, community game launch, introduction of more Arenas, transition to Unreal Engine, mobile release (IOS & Android), and more. You can see the $MTK Sustainability Plan here.

Team and Partners Behind Metakings

Christopher Gasca, who has been an entrepreneur and worked with Kain Warwick, is the Co-Founder of Metakings. He got into Bitcoin and Ethereum earlier on, and that drove him to join Metakings while developing the world’s first OTC (On The Counter) crypto exchange.

The COO of Rodney Sekareck, who also serves as a Co-Founder. He’s a Game Designer with a long passion for designing and programming from college, Cambridge University in England, where he studied CSc. Rodney’s attention to artificial intelligence is part of the skills he brings to Metakings to create the AI-powered platform.

Gleen Winters serves as the CTO of Metakings with more than 10 years of experience as a Full-Stack Developer, Solution Architect, and Software Engineer; Moses Smith is the Lead Server Engineer of Metakings, after having built a two decades career focused on the gaming and the financial services industries; and Jonathan Torres controls marketing as the Marketing Manager of Metakings coming in with his skills as a brand strategist and creative writer.

Kathleen McNamara is a business executive providing business solutions for more than two decades and a partner of Metakings. Other top partners are BSC Scan, CoinMarketCap, and PancakeSwap.


The game that is hosted on Amazon Web Services, wants to drive blockchain adoption around the world. This will be done by teaching the public about blockchain technology in an entertaining and instructive way. What future does this hold for the Industry? We wait to know.


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