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Taroverse; Collect,Connect, Play and Earn In The Metaverse



Taroverse is a cross-chain platform metaverse Island of multiple play-to-earn games which allows players all over the world to socialize, earn and enjoy a variety of games on all devices.

It aims to revolutionize the crypto gaming industry by providing players with a long-lasting sustainable ecosystem with highlight qualities that players act to play.

Gaming took a huge turn ever since the 2019 pandemic that left millions of people around the world jobless.

In 2021, the game market value was $198billion and it is expected to reach a value of $339billion in 2027 according to statistics, suggesting a market opportunity for play-to-earn growth.

The introduction of blockchain to gaming has allowed gamers/players to play, connect with other players around the world. This freedom of choice and experience that gamers enjoy is what taroverse aims to give gamers not only a variety of games to choose from but also bring in a unique social experience of playing with their friends.

Elements of Taroverse

  • DeFi and NFTs: Players will be able to collect different NFTs to build, stake, and earn while at the same time utilizing their decks in the game.
  • Ownership: By utilizing the power and advantage of NFTs, players will have authentic access and ownership to their in-game assets which live forever in the blockchain.
  • Taroverse will create a multi-game metaverse where players can fully engage in a high-quality ecosystem of games. The metaverse will give people the opportunity to socialize, connect, team up and compete with each other to bring a unique experience.

Taroverse Ecosystem

Taroverse will be a multi-game where players will have the opportunity to use their Taro NFTs or Tokens in multiple games to earn multiple rewards. These multiple games are currently being developed and will be released in the taroverse.

Taroverse is having 3 games namely:

  • Taro Gem Quest
  • Tactics Royale
  • Monster Bash


Taro Gem Quest

is a play-to-earn tile-matching puzzle game with role-playing elements.

In the gameplay, players play with an avatar character against a robot as an opponent using a shared board of colored games.

Players are given the mission to bring the opponent’s avatars’ health to Zero. This mode of the game is called players versus AI or Players versus Engine (PvE)

Asides from playing with a robot as an opponent, you can also enter the PvP arena to compete against other players from the servers in real-time. Taro gem quest is designed to be the next evolution in the puzzle games genre.


Tactics Royale: Is a P2E auto-chess strategy video game that is only accessible to taroverse players The game has the elements derived from combinations of collectible card games, chess, and a multiplayer online battle arena in various modes using your own NFT Heroes and weapons. This game is sponsored by taroverse tokens.


Monster Bash: Monster Bash is a play-to-earn fantasy hack and slash game that revolves around an island that is being invaded by monsters. As a player, you will be tasked with stopping the invasion by slaying the monsters and the boss where different NFTs will give your character different skills and abilities.

Apart from the main storyline, you can enter the exciting PvP Arena and compete against other players from your servers in real-time.

Taroverse Token

Taro token is created for governance and utility. It is supported by BSC, Polygon, and the OEC network.

Uses of $TARO

Taro can be used for the following;

  • Staking.
  • Farming and NFTs.
  • Payments in the marketplace.
  • Providing Liquidity
  • Merging and Dismantling NFTs for in-game.
  • Providing rewards.

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$Taro Earning Mechanism

  • Farming liquidity providers(LP) can deposit LP tokens in the farm pool (TARO-BUSD) to earn TARO tokens
  • Stake $TARO to earn more TARO tokens
  • When you participate in the NET chest lottery, you win a chest at 20% of the average market trading price.
  • Staking NFT to earn Taro tokens
  • Trade TARO tokens on Decentralized Exchange and Centralized Exchanges
  • Trade NFT’s on the marketplace.

TARO NFT Marketplace

Taro NFT marketplace is a decentralized exchange where users can buy and sell TARO NFTs.

  1. When a player lists their TARO NFT for sale, the NFT’s mining power is deducted from the user’s Total Mining Power
  2. The marketplace has a fixed rate of 6% per transaction and is split between 4 pools as follows:
  • 2.5% of the fees from every transaction go to the buyback pool.
  • 2.5% of the fees from every transaction go to the team.
  • 0.5% of the fees from every transaction to referral rewards
  • 0.5% of the fees from every transaction go to the guild pool.


Symbol: $TARO

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000

Hardcap: $4,800,000

Seed Sale: $720,000

Private Sale: $3,360,000

Public Sale: $720,000

Initial Mcap: $758,000

Initial Circulation. Supply: 42,111,111 Taro

Final Thoughts

Taroverse has a vision of bringing in three different games into the taroverse is a big deal. This project is a lot and more is still to be unveiled as more information is coming in by the day. The metaverse has brought thousands and projects to the community and without doubt, it is still bringing more.

Taroverse is a platform where you collect, connect, play and earn in the metaverse. It is also providing liquidity, staking, and many more. As more information comes up, we’ll be updating this article.

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