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Robotoken; Explore Space with Elon Musk and Earn in the Metaverse



For a while, Elon Musk, Founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer of SpaceX, and CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc, has been on the news talking about space exploration and how humans need to dwell on Mars. This is due to a concern for how the earth is evolving especially relative to climate change and all activities by man.

The entire process has featured the projection of a time when humans can visit Mars, so cheaply and be able to live there comfortably. Also, the use of more sustainable instruments for the exploration of space has been part of his conversation. All of these are being built on the work of historical thinkers, innovators, and inventors who explored projects around space.

For Robotoken, a group of space exploration enthusiasts decided to develop a metaverse that will preserve the development around space exploration. This will be achieved by building a community around previous work on space and that of the current idol of space exploration, Elon Musk, while they earn using DeFi features.

What is Robotoken?

Robotokens are NFTs that are given to those who want to become the “children of Elon Musk”. The first will be 5000 in number after which other sets will be produced and given to interested persons.

The Robotokens serve as the primary token that drives the entire ecosystem of this project. Having a Robotoken gives one a unique advantage and access in the metaverse.

Characteristics of the Robotokens

For the first generation of ROBOTOKENs, there are 5,000 notes minted and each of these 5,000 notes represents a Denomination. Therefore, 5,000 unique notes and 5,000 Denominations to start the Robo Space with.

Each of these notes also has a Serial Number that is different from the others just like is seen on fiat. On the notes, the letters placed at the back of the hyphen stand for the name of the son of Elon Musk. While the number after the hyphen shows the date of the purchase of the NFT. The larger the number the later the person bought the note and the lesser the number, the earlier the purchase.

Also, each Robotoken has Code 64 which shows 64 codons in the human DNA; and the Signature which are signatures of ten historical figures that contributed to space research.

For the Signature, only 20 owners of ROBOTOKENs will collect all ten signatures. When this happens, the ENS wallet names of these owners will be placed on the Big Wall of Fame in the Virtual Space Museum. This will be an honor for their contribution to the development of the Space Museum and the community.

Robots are also part of the Robotokens that are placed at the back of the Robotoken. They are the central spot of every ROBOTOKEN, and each token has two. The names are Spider-Robot (will help to discover new worlds), Military Robots, Robot Knight, Robots-Scientists, and Robots of the Future.

Each token carries a calendar Year that shows ten important dates in the history of space exploration. They represent a connection and remembrance between what happened and what is happening.

All of these features give the Robotoken its uniqueness and value to the ecosystem as well as outside the platform.

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How Does Robotoken Work?

Once a person buys a Robotoken from the platform, access is given to all these features:

  • Marketplace

Here so many utilities will be made available for holders of the token to trade on by buying and selling according to their needs. The marketplace will have NFTs that are connected to space exploration and of great value to the ecosystem.

  • Virtual Space Museum

Imagine having access to see what has been done in the exploration of space from his historical times. A lot of stories about space exploration will be displayed at the museum.

  • Learning Pro Bono

Lessons about space exploration will also be made available for holders of the token. These are rich materials that are created by professionals and are valued.

As a project in its development stage, more features will come in enhancing the value of the token for all holders.

Challenges and Road Map of Robotokens

Robotokens is a project that is aligned with a unique mission. Space exploration is a global subject and is gaining traction around the world. The most likely challenge that will come for Robotokens will be from upcoming space exploration projects.

The development process of Robotoken for Q1 and Q2 2022 is focused on building a 5,000 man community, launching of online presence, releasing first-generation Robotokens, test phase 2 of the RSpace Metaverse, and launching the RLabs social market, and more.

Then Q3 and Q4 2022 will be about collaborating with influencers, developing the first P2E game, the launch of RСhain, and the launch of RSpace Metaverse. The RChain will bring interoperability into the ecosystem and allow users to earn by farming, staking, and lending.

The entire project is being developed as a collaboration between scientists from NASA, Roscosmos, legendary museums, and popular franchises.

In conclusion, the Robotoken project is about developing RSpace, a metaverse that will use Robotokens (a non-fungible token) and RoboERC-20 (a fungible token) built on Robo-chain to advance space exploration. Thanks to RoboLabs, which is the main organization behind the development.


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