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Hatch, Breed, Fight & Earn with a Dragon in the Dragon Verse Metaverse



Gaming takes a huge part of the global entertainment industry and is valued at $198.40 billion in 2021 but expected to reach $339.95 billion by 2027, on a CAGR of 8.94% over 2022-2027. The style and mode of play have changed from pay to play to, pay to earn and now play to earn (with its variants). Thanks to blockchain technology powering this evolution.

Along with this trend is the inclusion of NFTs that came into mainstream gaming in 2015 with Etheria and 2017 for CryptoKitties. Gamers seem to not have enough of this excitement as more dApps and platforms have been created to fulfill their cravings. What makes it more interesting is that players of any kind can play, have fun and earn along the way. Dragon Verse is built to provide this advantage for today’s gaming world.

What is Dragon Verse?

Dragon Verse is an IDLE RPG game created with the integration of NFTs where players can use in-game items to socialize, carry out missions and earn in the process. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

The plan for the game is to have a fully developed metaverse where items can be traded in the marketplace, avatars are bred to attain levels for better fighting results, players can build and customize their areas all in one ecosystem.

How Does Dragon Verse Work?

To start playing games in the Dragon Verse, players must own a dragon. So from the Mystery Box, a dragon will be hatched and that is what the player needs to start. These creatures are NFTs and can be purchased, inside the box, from the Marketplace.

The dragon comes as NFTs of different designs. They can be called Characters. For Dragon Verse, each dragon Character can attain up to five different higher levels of evolution. As they move from one level to another, they get stronger and stronger to be used for battles.

The dragons can be trained and equipped with skills that are related to the elements of the world: water, fire, light, earth, and dark. Each has an advantage once attained so that they can fight negative creatures in the ecosystem like Monsters.

Dragons can also go through Dragon Fusion where two dragons of the same levels are combined to produce a better and stronger dragon. Or Dragon Fusion Extra which involves bringing more than two dragons together. But they must all be of the same level.

The game mode includes Adventure Mode PvE, where players play against the environment, and Arena Mode PvP, in which players play against players. And there is a Ranking system in Dragon Verse where players are ranked weekly based on their performance in each mode.

Dragon Verse games have different maps with diverse designs. Rewards are given to players on completing any of the maps. When a player wants to play, these maps are displayed so that one is selected.

Currently, there is a Spring forest, ice continent, and the rest are still being developed – Volcano Land, Darkness Dungeon, Ruined Caste, Dryland Desert, and Peaceful Beach. Completing any map attracts rewards.

For players who want to sell blood, equipment, and other in-game utilities, there is a Shop that is dedicated to that on the platform.

Using BNB to pay for transactional fees, a wallet like Metamask or Trustwallet connected to BSC, a player can get a dragon hatched and start the journey into the world of dragons.

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Tokenomics of Dragon Verse

$DRV is the native token of Dragon Verse. It is a BEP20 asset on the Binance Smart Chain and has a total supply of 300,000,000. $DRV is used as in-game currency to buy items in the Dragon Verse.

The allocation for the token is as follows:

  • Presales, 3.5%
  • Liquidity, 1.65%
  • Airdrop, 0.4%
  • Staking Issuance, 25%
  • Gaming, Issuance, 30.45%
  • Ecosystem Fund, 15%
  • Advisors, 3%
  • Marketing+ Partnership, 6%
  • Team Development, 15%.

Apart from $DRV, players can also use $DRS to make purchases in the ecosystem. It is another token that is used in the game. You can read more about it here.

A Burn Mechanism is introduced into the ecosystem Dragon Verse to control the circulation of the token making it more valuable per time. And then, as usual for most GameFi projects, $DRV and $DRS can be staked for more yields.

Challenges and Road Map of Dragon Verse

Dragon Verse is an intense game, with good plans and graphic experience, but the market is hot. It is a highly competitive market. Games like Hydraverse, DragonSB, Outer Ring MMO, and Nomad Exiles, are huge competitors in that space.

The development of Dragon Verse to suit the market demand will be so useful if the project will be relevant in the GameFi market.

In Q2 2021, Dragon Verse started as an idea and then moved to the formulation of a team with R&D. By the end of 2021, the game development was being processed alongside the building of partnership for the project, further game development, listing on Pancakeswap, Coingecko, and Coinmarketcap.

From the plan, Q1 of 2022 is meant to be for the official game launch, release of airdrops, more CEX listing, official release of Android and iOS plus VR version alpha. While Q2 of 2022 is for updating the game.

One most likely addition to this will be the Holy Land. This will represent the Metaverse Real Estate of Dragon Verse where players can buy land and trade it later for higher profit.

Dragon Verse

Dragon Verse

Team and Partners Behind Dragon Verse

Brian is the Founder & CEO of Dragon Verse. He has been in the blockchain industry since 2016 and has built an intensive experience in the crypto world. Linda serves as the COO. With over five years of experience in the crypto world, she has been involved in the development of a lot of crypto projects.

Ellie, Gemma, and Vincent are the CMO, Lead Artist, and CGM respectively. Ellie has her hands-on growth hacking and digital marketing; Gemma has been creating art for lots of projects being leading art teams; Vincent is the software development guru who has worked with a lot of organizations with a focus on security.

PinkSale, CryptoFolds, CryptoPress, Solid Proof are on the list of partners that have supported Dragon Verse.


Dragon Verse brings Web3, metaverse, NFTs, GameFi, and P2E models together. Opening the door to metaverse real estate functionality will bring in a lot more fun to help the project achieve the mission of bringing gaming, entertainment, and economics to everyday people.


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