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Wrestling Metaverse: Play, Earn & Contribute to DAO in this P2E Fight Game



The rise of metaverse games has altered how we see and play games. Different models have been created to fill the market need but there is a huge space left in the world of wrestling. Games of other kinds of sports are always coming out with new features to entice players. Combat games like boxing, wrestling, and martial arts with MMO features are yet to be launched fully in the GameFi space.

Another frustration found in the gaming world is the control wielded by corporations on games created. Gamers complain about features and additions in a game and it’s just a form of ritual. Wrestling Metaverse wants to be the platform that creates a unique experience for combat sports gamers as well as gives control of games back to the community.

What is Wrestling Metaverse?

Wrestling Metaverse is a virtual game built to connect gamers, fans, and athletes to play, connect and earn while in the metaverse. The DeGameFi functionalities of Wrestling Metaverse will allow users access to a lot of NFT utilities for participating in the ecosystem.

For athletes, the opportunity to connect with fans in an exclusive, immersive VR environment will be so thrilling. This project will create a new ecosystem for the entire members of combat sports beginning with the Wrestling Community. “By building a strong and loyal community within the wrestling metaverse,” says the Whitepaper, “it creates powerful opportunities to begin merging with the real world.”

Story Line and Features of Wrestling Metaverse

Users who come into the Wrestling Metaverse can use Originals (first NFTs released), Pro-Wrestlers (emergence of real-life wrestlers as NFTs), or User Generated players as NFTs to engage in the ecosystem. There are different gameplay modes that users can participate in from PVE to PVP to championships.

There is also Land Infrastructure which is divided into Territory, Promotion, and Gym. A Territory is any land in the Wrestling Metaverse that can be used for anything. Users can buy them for a token. Promotions are buildings within the metaverse. Sometimes in them, you have wrestling rings where fights can occur.

The gym is where players go to upgrade their skills and change their attire as you have in a real-life situation. Gyms and Promotions exist in Territories. Players can decide to invade a Territory and get all assets from the Territory after conquering it.

In the Wrestling Metaverse, DeFi functions allow players to earn while carrying out activities like daily quests, signing autographs, producing vlogs, cutting promos, selling merch etc. This is what blockchain gives – the P2E advantage with the presence of NFT utilities, marketplace, and stablecoin attached to the platform.

The stablecoin is used to hedge against the inflationary effect on the token of the Wrestling Metaverse. Injured players and retired players are also attended to with specific structures. Rehabilitation is provided to attend to Players who need such services.

Wrestling Metaverse is a full package for lovers of Wrestling first because the plan shows that the ecosystem will go beyond wrestling into other combat sports like boxing and mixed martial arts.

Tokenomics of WM Metaverse

$WM token is the native currency of the Wrestling Metaverse. It serves both governance and payment purposes. Players can also earn USDC and UST stablecoins as they participate in the ecosystem.

As part of a plan to fight against inflationary market movement, WM tokens and currency-based transactions were designed as follows:

  • Stablecoins will be given as rewards to players in addition to the normal $WM token. This issuance is to control inflation of the native token which is a major challenge most games face.
  • There will be provision for the upgrade of NFTs in the Wrestling Metaverse encouraging users to use their $WM tokens for the upgrade so that their NFTs can yield more.
  • The WM treasury will be an asset for the yielding of stablecoins and the buyback of NFTs and tokens.

The total supply of $WM tokens is 1,000,000,000. Here’s a breakdown of how it’ll be distributed: Liquidity 4%, Rewards/Emission 25% (will be accessed when the game launches), Ecosystem Rewards Liquidity 5%, Ecosystem Development 10%, Ecosystem Growth 4%, Firefly Team 20%, Founder Pre-Seed Fund 8%, Public Sale 4.5%, and Private Sale 19.5%.

WM is built to allow users to easily access the platform and participate in the activities available per time. The above breakdown will help facilitate the development of the project while rewarding users as well.

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Challenges of Wrestling Metaverse

All structures appear appealing and so innovative especially as it relates to the renowned WWE world. However, implementation is a completely different scenario.

The marketplace in the Wrestling Metaverse looks exciting. Development has started with more features to be added based on the road map. The question is, will the team deliver? Another challenge is competition. Although, no “blockverse” game is directly focused on wrestling. The chances that a lot more options will arise are high.

With competition comes adoption and the rate of adoption. Some other games or platforms have had good ratings in adoption. It takes a good strategy to pull that through. Wrestling Metaverse is alluring but how fast can it pull in users?

From the Whitepaper and website, there are no partnerships yet. The mentioned organizations there are those Firefly Technologies have worked with in the past. For the Wrestling Metaverse, there are no visible partners except they are not yet in the public domain. Team Partnerships give projects a good perception to attract investors and users.

There is no doubt that the team is good, experienced, and passionate about sports, Wrestling, and blockchain technology, the journey will speak for itself as the development of the Wrestling Metaverse continues with more awareness and adoption.

Road Map of Wrestling Metaverse

The building process of Wrestling Metaverse is outlined in four stages:

  • Building the Foundation

Here, the community that makes up the ecosystem will have access to buy limited versions of Originals (NFTs to be used) and then, wrestlers will be on-boarded into the metaverse as NFTs and avatars.

  • Enhancing the Metaverse

At this point, promotions can be purchased by members of the community and the environment of the metaverse will be structured to allow users to see their wrestlers with their features in place.

  • Transitioning to Community Ownership

The development of Wrestling Metaverse will kickstart voting on decisions by the community, attires for NFT wrestlers will go live as well as P2E activities including training, signing autographs…

  • Fully Operational DAO-led Metaverse

The ultimate goal of Wrestling Metaverse is to become a platform controlled by a DAO. At this stage, PPV and P2E championships will be launched. DAO structures will be fully implemented with WM treasury activated for the development of Wrestling Metaverse.

So far, dates were not specified from the whitepaper. The process will flow as the team releases updates on their websites and through their communities.

Potential users of Wrestling Metaverse should expect an ecosystem with full smart contract integration for gameplay structures for asset exchange on the platform, IP licensing modes, the performance of the game and Web3 analytic engine, and a multi-chain metaverse.

Interconnectivity with other “blockverse” platforms will increase as well as an experimentation into other forms of combat sports. Read the whitepaper to get more.

Team Behind Wrestling Metaverse

River Tamoor Baig is the founder of Wrestling Metaverse. He’s founded Dofforge, a company that focuses on start-ups, and Hack Partners Limited that helps firms adopt the technology. River has been a core WWE fan of The Rock and Goldberg with more than 10 years of experience in the UK tech community.

Hadrien Gouedard is the Art Director of WM. He’s a 3D artist with 10 years plus experience in Character Modelling. Hadrien has worked with Ubisoft, Playsoft and game series like Ghost Recon and Metal Gear. Julian Osterwalder is in charge of Advising Operations and Products. As the founder of two organizations, he has 7 years of experience working with AdTech firm Vungle, managing Product Management professionals.

Lewis Tuffnel is the Head of Community with years of experience as a customer specialist in CeFi. He’s the success behind the massive growth of AvaxApes Community making it the #1 NFT project on Avalanche by volume-selling over 160k assets. Starman serves as the Lead Developer of WM. Over the years, he’s developed games and websites for FAANGs. Starman is delving into VR.

Mike Archer is a WWE superfan spending over 15 years working with WWE. During this time, millions of wrestling-based games sold out, two WWE extensions were created, franchise sales also went up. He’s the IP master at WM, advising licensing and wrestling relations.


The idea behind Wrestling Metaverse is innovative, historical, and futuristic. Recent developments in tech especially blockchain use cases are also making projects like this more sustainable as fun is mixed with economical gains.

Wrestling Metaverse will start with wrestling but go beyond it with time. And of course, it will be community-driven. River T.B, the founder of the project sums it all up, “We’re going to build the world’s biggest wrestling game. We’re going to build the world’s biggest wrestling community. And it’s all going to be owned by the community.”

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